Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Stop Carrying Expectations and 'Shoulds' From Others

Carrying The Weight of the world

Yesterday I picked an Osho card that was quite deep and fairly immense in terms of a message, and it re-confirmed another message I had received from a gentlemen who leads a mediumship circle I have recently become involved in.

Part of the Osho message said: 
When we carry a load of shoulds and shouldn′ts imposed on us by others we become like this ragged, struggling figure trying to make his way uphill. ″Go faster, try harder, reach the top!″ shouts the foolish tyrant he carries on his shoulder, while the tyrant himself is crowned with an imperious rooster. If life these days feels like just a struggle from the cradle to the grave, it could be time to shrug your shoulders and see what it feels like to walk without these characters on your back. You have your own mountains to conquer, your own dreams to fulfill, but you will never have the energy to pursue them until you release yourself from all the expectations you′ve gathered from others but now think are your own. Chances are they exist only in your own mind, but that doesn′t mean they can′t weigh you down. It′s time to lighten up, and send them on their way.
This re-confirmed the message I was given at circle. I was told by spirit that I needed to be more aggressively, bluntly, fully myself. And to some, the word aggressive may seem unkind, but I knew exactly the message spirit was conveying. Still a recovering people-pleaser, I recognise in myself that I speak and communicate often against my own feelings. I have always had a smile on my face regardless of how I am feeling. And one time my best friend saw me walking along the street, and one of the few times I decided to intentionally relax my face when walking, he interpreted it as I was looking pissed off or fed-up.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Review: Green People 'Help At Hand' Hand Cream & WIN Organic Body Care Sets

Having had the pleasure of reviewing Green People Sun Lotion this past summer, I was keen to share more of their products with my readers. As I had such a great response to their products with my sensitive rosacea skin, I knew that this was a company that really considers the individual in terms of what they need.

So this Christmas season Green People sent me some beautiful hand-cream to review, and are giving one lucky reader an organic gift box body care set for women and men.

Review & WIN Vintage Roots - In The Press - Winter Wine Selection

Vintage Roots Organic Wine - In The Press - Winter Wine Selection

Welcome to Kelly Martin Speaks Christmas review and giveaways, and it's my pleasure to introduce the amazing Vintage Roots once again.

Vintage Roots - The Organic Wine People - were kind enough to offer a case of wine, with a great selection for the Festive and Winter period this year for review, and for one lucky winner again. At Christmas we all love a good glass of wine, but more so something that meets our needs for serving with certain dishes, and to warm our insides up on cold winter nights.

This fab selection of wine called 'In The Press Six Pack' contains 6 lovely bottles as diverse as the next, and all equally tasty.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Facebook Detox - Good For The Soul

Facebook Detox

Are you someone who checks Facebook often or other social networks? If you are travelling or at home do you flick between networks when you are not sure what to do or you feel bored?

Are you a Facebook addict?

I was travelling to London last week and noticed a young woman in the seat in front of me, she had her smartphone switched on and I could see what she was looking at in the reflection in the window . The journey lasted 3 and a half hours, and the entire time she scanned Facebook's news-feed, often looking at the same photos, and once she grew bored with that she scanned Twitter and once she grew bored with that she scanned Facebook again. This lasted the entire journey. I, on the other hand, was on my first proper social network detox, I also am blessed to feel travel sick if I read anything on coaches or bouncy vehicles. As I watched her it reminded me of me. I was exactly like this before my detox. If I was on the sofa watching TV I was also surfing the networks. If I was on the PC I found it challenging to complete a task that I'd set out to do because I spent much of my time flicking between what I was doing and Facebook.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Poem Written By The Blocked Muse

Caged Birds Vintage Creative Blocks

No ideas, mental blocks,
Is there such a thing as creative floss?

Muse has departed,
Leaves me broken-hearted.

What does a writer do when no words come?
What does a painter do when her brush doesn't run?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

leave comfort zone taking leap penguin

Over 4 years ago I left my job because I knew that working in retail was no longer for me and I wanted to 'find myself' as clich├ęd as this sounds. With the help of my best friend I learned to live on a small budget and go without the luxuries many people may enjoy in this world. It was a big risk to take, but it was a strong feeling. I needed to do this.

Of course it was extremely challenging to leave the conventional way of living, having a job, having a regular income, fitting in, belonging, within the constraints society demands, but I did it, even though I often questioned my decision and often judged myself for acting recklessly, and 'Yes', others judged me too. It took a long time to accept that my decision was right for me, because it went against the grain of what society says you must do.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Are 'You' Unhappy? Or Is Unhappiness Just Appearing?

Unhappy Unhappiness Non duality quote happy
"There is unhappiness in me." A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle

It's so very easy to say inwardly or outwardly 'I'm sad' or 'I'm depressed' or 'I'm miserable, but how many of us question these beliefs?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review : Introvert Power - Laurie Helgoe

Title: Introvert Power

Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength

Author: Laurie Helgoe

Published: 2013

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Pages: 290

Price: £11.50 at time of posting ( Purchase HERE)

USA : $10.77 at time of posting (Purchase HERE)

Genre: Self Help


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