Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Freedom Of Insecurity

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We live in a world where many will do all they can to feel secure. From life insurance, home insurance policies, to pension plans for the future and so much more. And yet the more secure we try to be as a civilisation, the more insecure we all feel.

When the events of September 11th took place it shook the entire world, especially those of us in the West. In a sense we have been very blessed for some time to not experience the threat of war or the daily challenges other people in the world experience, like fear of death, hunger or ongoing devastation. 

Until September the 11th many felt as secure as any human being can be, and yet we never had security.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review: The Great Pain Deception by Steven Ray Ozanich

Title: The Great Pain Deception

Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse

Author: Steven Ray Ozanich

Published: 2011

Publisher: Silver Cord Records Inc.

Pages: 378

UK : £13.58 (at time of posting) Buy Here
USA : $18.29 (at time of posting) Buy Here

Genre: Health/Self-Help

This is a guest review by Michael Doherty

So, What Is So Good About This Book

I was born just before the Second World War in 1937. I was raised in a very dysfunctional family, where violence and anger were the order of the day, except for me. If ever I displayed any emotion, it was beaten out of me. Thus I experienced massive amounts of fear and anger, which I very quickly learned to suppress in order to survive.

During my life, I’ve experienced many of the health conditions mentioned in the book and on the cover.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Anxiety - Allowing Vulnerability

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"Anxiety should never be viewed as an inherent weakness but rather an out-of-control strength. It takes tremendous strength to never act out rage; to take that energy, to repress it inwardly where it becomes anxiety - so as to not harm anyone else."
~ Steve Ray Ozanich

For the longest time I suffered in silence with intense anxiety. I hid this experience from everyone but close family. Of my friends and work colleagues through my teens and twenties, nobody was aware that I had this secret. I was always conscious that when meeting new people, my nervous speech, or what I termed 'rabbit in headlight' eyes when faced with questions, was highly visible and that people just thought that I was strange or a freak in how I communicated. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Intuition Is The Whiff Of Coming Attractions

An ALTERNATIVE VIEW of The Law Of Attraction

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'People who seem successful at The Law Of Attraction
are merely in touch with clear intuition.'

As many of you may know from reading my website 'Kelly Martin Speaks' I tend to view The Law of Attraction from a different place and this blog takes it one step further. 

I feel that we do not attract or manifest anything into our world. I feel we simply step into the now moment and the words or day-dreams we have connect to a coming attraction. 

Sooo... it appears that we manifest, but we don't  (Law of Attraction fans please don't shoot me down - I am just sharing my experience here).

Consider this for a moment...

You say to yourself 'I would love a holiday' and a couple of hours or days later you receive a phone call that you have just won a holiday. Now those of you that believe you create your reality may think 'WOW! I created that!'. But... perhaps something else happened?

Your feelings, a pure feeling, a whiff of energy flooded you, you 'thought' you were day-dreaming or visualising a holiday and POOF! You created it. However, consider this instead:

Friday, 28 March 2014

Do You 'OWN' Who You Are?

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We are told to be authentic, to be who we really are, but how many of us truly 'own' who we are?

Maybe you're single, walking down the street and you see a couple holding hands and laughing and smiling and in that instant you reach out to that couple, yearning to have what they have, in essence to be who they are. You may also be feeling lonely, and see a group of people socialising, again laughing and smiling and you wish you had this too; you wish you were them in that moment.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Law Of Changing Conditions

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Everything changes, but beneath all of that change is an awareness which never changes.

I have been consciously a spiritual 'seeker' for over 14 years now and I have begun to reach the point of no more seeking. The ego, the mind, is in a state of flux about this admittedly, but I am trusting that asking those big life questions is going to throw a spanner in the works of the story of who I 'think' I am. It actually feels that there's a vice-like grip trying to hold on to the story.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Top 10 Self Acceptance Books For Living A Compassionate Life

We all need a bit of encouragement in life and many of us are brought up into a life where we have no vocabulary for kindness. We may have been abused, bullied, neglected as children, or we may have been domestically abused in our adult lives. All of these factors can leave us with no idea about how to have compassion for self, or to even think kinder thoughts. And what I discovered over 10+ years is that those people (like me) who have had no kindness vocabulary cannot get on with positive affirmations. They do not soothe the pain of the hurt inner child. We need a greater sense of tenderness and this tends to come from authors and writers who know this feeling or who have been through something similar. So here are my top 10 books I highly recommended to begin the path of compassion and self-acceptance. There are obviously many more wonderful authors out there but these are a great starting point. I have included many I have read and got a lot out of and also a few I am yet to read but which are on my book reading bucket list and are highly praised by many others. These are not in order of my favourites but the top 7 are books I have read (the remainder I will read this year).

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Who Would You Be If You Had Received Everything You 'Thought' You Wanted?

Who Would You Be If You Had Received Everything You 'Thought' You Wanted In Your Younger Years?

Dreams Desires Making Wishes Blowing

We all have moments of lack, feeling we are lacking something we want. It could be money, a relationship, a family, a career etc.. And sometimes we feel deeply frustrated, angry and in such a deep state of lack that we could just scream. I had a moment like this just this past week. And after one of my often breakthrough conversations with my best friend Mike something made me laugh out loud.

What if I had received what I thought I wanted in my late 
teenage years or early twenties? Who would I be now?

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