Sunday, 22 January 2017

No Added Sulphites Wine, Is It Better? Competition and Review

Vintage Roots No Added Sulphites Red Wine

Hey there and welcome to 'not dry-January' at Kelly Martin Speaks. I prefer to drink in moderation all year round so no dry January in this household and anyhow organic wine and liqueurs never seem to have the awful side-effects other drinks have for me.

As someone who tends to go red in the face at your usual supermarket non-organic wine, I much prefer wine without all the extra additions and a good quality red is better than a cheap bottle of plonk just for the sake of it.

Vintage Roots sent me this great bottle of red (and other samples) to celebrate my 10 year blog anniversary and what better way than to toast the New Year and simply coming into a new beginning in 2017.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

My Blissful Taste Of Raw Chocolate Almonds - Review and Giveaway

So chocolate is a big deal. I mean seriously, isn't chocolate a big deal? Good chocolate that is. 

I used to, many moons ago, eat milk chocolate and I thought it was the lushest thing on this planet, of course, I knew no better. I thought milk chocolate was chocolate, but in actual fact, milk chocolate is well... milk... sugar and a teeny tiny bit of cacao (chocolate). It's not chocolate. It has zero good stuff inside it, but raw chocolate? That's a whole different ball-game.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Kelly Martin Speaks: 10 Year Blog Anniversary

KellyMartinSpeaks 10 year blog anniversary

10 years today I wrote my first blog entry. This blog was initially meant as an online public journal where I got to express myself when I felt very insecure and socially anxious. 

Fast-forward 10 years and since that first post 'Why I Became A Vegetarian and Why I Quit' I'm officially:

  • Less socially anxious
  • Far more secure as a person
  • I've written and published two books and writing the third
  • I set up an author website
  • Started my editorial business
  • Written countless posts (some of my favourites can be seen here ).
  • Enjoyed reviewing products and worked alongside lovely companies
  • Witnessed brilliant guest blogs posted here
  • Guest blogged on other sites like Tiny Buddha, Having Time and the dearly departed ThankTheNow
  • I've become a better writer
  • I'm more kinder and gentler to me
  • I have a thriving Twitter account, growing Facebook page and thriving Pinterest account.
  • I've had 514,412 page views and growing

But most of all, I have grown so much in 10 years.

Monday, 2 January 2017

The Important Freedom and Power in Being Wrong

The Important Freedom and Power in Being Wrong KELLY MARTIN SPEAKS

The Important Freedom and Power in Being Wrong

At the end of 2016 some old issues began to rise for me. Deep fears and stuff that has held me back in life, but I chose to brush them under the carpet. 

Being Wrong – Owning This Grizzly Bear

I was brought up with a repetitive phrase told to me throughout childhood and into teen years whenever I had an emotional reaction, frustration and not feeling heard, the statement replayed was 'There's something wrong with you' (but in my mother's Geordie tones 'There's something wrang with yee').

I hadn't realised until I started looking at my life, my choices and my personality, how much that single statement had affected how I lived. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

How a Crappy 2016 Can Inspire Your Happy New Year

How a Crappy 2016 Can Inspire Your Happy New Year

How a Crappy 2016 Can Inspire Your Happy New Year

Nine out of ten people, in all probability, had what appeared to be a shitty 2016. From marriage failure, jobs ending, loved ones dying or major health issues.

My 2016 involved solicitor battles, near homelessness and a terrible sense of powerlessness. But from powerlessness came empowerment.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

STRONG Unparalleled breakthroughs of an epic scale incoming!

Dear Blog Readers….

Sorry for being an absent parent to this blog for some time now. Life has been a bit crazy.

From experiencing the old black dog of depression for several months which caused an identity crisis to health issues and survival issues related to an upcoming home eviction, you could say that life has given me a whole lot of writing material for my blog. 

But instead of my usual 'go to' self-healing through writing, I chose to self-nurture, connect with nature, friends, receive physical human support and my creativity through writing took a backseat for a while

However, a re-birth is incoming, a huge change and new beginning is on its way and my self-esteem is raising big time after many years of practising mindfulness, using the tools I gathered through writing 'The Shine Series' and more recently through hypnosis from a friend something is shifting in me. So this is just a little introduction to some big writing coming soon and a lot more to talk about.

Thanks for sticking around.

I love and appreciate you all for all your comments, shares and support over the past 9 years. 

I truly can't believe next year is my 10 year blog anniversary. See you all soon, some of my journey may surprise you, but also inspire you if you are going through difficulties at this time in your life.


Kelly x

Monday, 9 May 2016

When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You NEW BOOK by Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin When Everyone Shines Including You Book Shine Series

Hey Everyone, 

I'm sorry for the delay in posting about some big changes in my life lately, but lots has been happening. 

Not only did I reach the youthful age of 40 I also published my second book in 'The Shine Series' When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You. 

This was quite a journey for me, because originally I had never envisioned a second book or even writing a series, but I was inspired and felt the journey had not finished with book 1. Book 2 can also be read as a stand-alone book for anyone who is in a place of being ready to shine for the first time.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Silent Files - Destruction Of The Old Identity - Part 2

The Silent Files - Destruction of the Identity Part 2

(This post was left in the 'not good enough' pile of drafts in 2011, so much has changed since I posted, a re-birthing did take place and I became an author)

Releasing Your Identity Part 2 

Continued from Part 1 HERE

I know deep down there is gold within me. A divine quality I am yet to face. The worldly distractions need to be removed so I can really face who I am.

As such, the fears, the traumas, anything un-resolved rises to the surface. I notice extreme judgemental-ism and intolerance arising in me. It's funny, as the more aware I become of the bigger picture of life, the more intolerant I become of anyone not 'getting it'. And I must not judge myself about this for very little is written about 'the void' of the spiritual journey. It is part of the crumbling, a part of the ego's last hold.

As the illusions drop from our eyes, at first, frustration, resentment, judgement and intolerance will arise. We are the saint and the sinner all in one body. Positive thinking and positive tools and exercises merely sugar-coat what eventually we all must face - our whole self.


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