SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia – Chocolate & English Toffee – Product Review

As summer set in this year I had this incredible urge for ice-cream, and as I was past 6 months of my sugar-detox I was wondering how on earth I could have ice-cream without sugar? I was blessed with finding a few ways to enjoy my favourite summer treat and then I came across some fabulous recipes on-line that indulged my ice-cream love even further and instead of sugar they had liquid… View Post

My Sugar-Free Journey : 3 MONTHS and Counting – From Addiction To Change

Image created by Deviant Duality Shared via Google ‘labeled for reuse’ If somebody had told me last year that I would not be eating anything with refined sugar in it, I would have said they were crazy. I wasn’t able to go 2 days without my bar of chocolate, my sugar in coffee, or my slice of cake. My meals consisted of shop-bought sauces full of sugar, my sandwich spreads… View Post