Thursday, 9 February 2017

Why Don't I Fit In? A Powerful Poem On Letting Go

why dont i fit in belonging poem Kelly Martin

A Thursday Thought...

Sometimes I feel not just weird, but outside.
Not just separate, but on another planet,
Not just unusual, but very different.

Try as I might to fit in, it just does not happen.

I cannot do this anymore.

I realise I sometimes try to prove myself to others who have me already in a box of their own misunderstanding and I cannot rip that box up because they see me a certain way through a limited lens of perspective already decided upon first meeting me.

Already prejudged and defined.
Already seen as not their type, not their kind.

Trying to fit in when you just don't is tiring.
Sometimes I just want to give up and not give a f***

Time to let myself be rejected.
Reject other people's misjudgements of who they think I am.
Reject my own misjudgements of who I think I ought to be.


~ Kelly Martin

How do you embrace not fitting in?

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