Thursday, 31 December 2015

What 2015 Taught Me - The Pain, The Heartbreak, The Joy and the Love

New Years Farewell Swan

So 2015 was a whirlwind of change for me. In 2014 I was more on my lonesome, my life was more living in hermitville, until later in that year. I was in a low point, but had some new achievements, but 2015?

What a ride!

My Top 10 Lessons From 2015

1.    Never judge people by your own values. Not everyone operates with kindness and/or is genuine. Some people have deep issues that make them view you through tainted spectacles. I let go of a fair few friendships in 2015 when my genuine gratitude was misinterpreted as manipulation. Note to self - listen to my heart and gut over what my eyes see when relating to others.

2.    If people do not value your worth and try to hold you back in the teaching sense, it's time to say goodbye to that teacher.  Nobody is better or worse than anyone else, just different. 

3.    The heart is there to love, even if the shape or form of that love is not authentic or loving back. At least I loved. I opened my heart to soul love even though the man in question did not know how to love and was wrong for me in so many ways.

4.    My body should be respected. No man has any right to disrespect my body by his need to satisfy his own desires. No man has any right to try and make me do things I do not want to do (no human has any right to do this, period!). No man who is sincere and respectful would ever put me down. Note to self - if any man ever puts down my appearance again, that man is not for me.

5.    There are female friends out there as bat shit crazy as me and accept me for who I am and I them.  I am learning to embrace my femininity and awaken the true Goddess inside me now.

6.    Listen to your body. If something does not feel right then don't do it.  And take regular cervical smear tests, they may just save your life. 

7.    I can survive a lot. I am strong. I lost a lot of blood after an operation and it was seriously life-threatening, but I survived it and I had to have another procedure after the trauma and I survived that too and now I have the all clear in my body.

8.    Hearts are meant to be used and opened. Even if your heart breaks when you let a relationship go, this is all good. Release, cry and grieve, but most of all keep your heart open to new love, love of self and love from others. Do not close your heart down whatever has happened with your past lovers.

9.    Getting a book out there is hard work when self-publishing, but it's worth it. 

10. Letting people in into your world is important. No man or woman is an island and this is so true. Being open to new experiences and new people may be scary, but it's all part of your soul growing. Follow your soul's journey even if it looks strange to others.

And one extra lesson.

There is absolutely no 'should' in love. 

You can't should love anyone. And this includes partners, children and parents.

So in 2016 may you be blessed with a journey of pure beautiful soul growth, may your heart light up and show you the way,

Blessings and love

Kelly Martin
(Author of 'When Everyone Shines But You' Book 1)

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