Saturday, 27 June 2015

Beautiful Noise - Birdsong and Hedge Trimmers

While sitting in the garden, the blackbird sings its beautiful song, my heart opens. Moments later my neighbour starts mowing his lawn, my teeth clench, and once done he starts trimming his bushes with an electric trimmer and irritation and anger arise.

What's The Difference?

Birdsong, hedge trimmers, my landlord's obsession with putting many radios on around his garden, thrash metal, Bach, ocean waves.. all taking place in consciousness.

Awareness (God/Universe), does not have preferences. The crows cawing early morning when camping are so beautiful to me, to another they are a noisy nuisance waking them up from sweet slumber.

Some may say birdsong is natural and hedge trimmers are not because man made them, but is man not natural?

What makes one person love Shakespeare and another hate it? Conditioning. Yet we can begin to loosen that conditioning by questioning 'What makes this more or less beautiful that anything else?'

Would the 'noise' affect us as much?

The next time a baby cries and brings you to distraction or a neighbour mows his lawn, see if you can be aware of how consciousness views this experience, you may be very surprised.

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