Thursday, 1 January 2015

I Prefer... 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Welcome to 2015. 

I'm sitting in my pyjamas in awe and surprise that 2015 is here. It feels like it simply snuck up on me and jumped out from behind a wall shouting 'SURPRISE!' 

2015.. What an alien concept, doesn't it feel quite sci-fi to you? Shouldn't we be riding around on hover-crafts by now or living on space-ships? Grin. I know my imagination is quite fantastical lol!

Well.. so it's 2015, should I 'Ra ra ra' my way into this new beginning? Or thrash pans together, wear pink or yellow underwear to see in the new year? (yes people actually do this in a different countries - see here) or simply acknowledge each year is filled with change, uncertainty and the grand unknown.

My writing has taken a back seat for a while, possibly because something new is brewing in my unconscious, possibly. I won't hold my creativity to ransom and force through it. I'm simply just going to write as and when I feel drawn to. Not to impress, inspire or create, but simply to express. Expression being the new wave of authentic behaviour for me, regardless of what that expression holds.

I stumbled across an old book published the year before I was born in 1975 called 'The Handbook of Higher Conciousness' an okay book, not mind-blowing in any a sense, but one thing stuck out  to me more than anything, that to have preferences is far more freeing than setting intentions or having strict goals in life.

I have plenty of preferences for 2015. These range from opening my heart more to myself and to the rest of the world, letting in greater more consistent forms of abundance and money, but most of all connecting with spirit, with my soul and those non-physical helpers that are with us all. 

Sometimes when we have spent a long period of aloneness it is directing us inward. Not only inward but reconnecting to non-physical. I have found my lengthy periods of meditation over 2014 have allowed me to not feel so alone. I feel we are one with everything and this includes spirit like angels, guides and those beings who are simply more in touch with divinity than our human selves may be able to fathom right now. And my main preference this year is to reconnect with who I really am, beyond the illusion of physical form and to open my heart and spirit to divinity once more.

My preference is to become a clear channel for healing. Through words, spoken and written, and to allow my intuition to become clearer and stronger so I am able to see beyond the judgements and fears of my past attachments and longings.

Since taking over 5 years out of the conventional working life, to write, to be on my own, it is time I began to trust my calling and allow a new vocation to bubble up from within me. This could be an extension of my writing or something completely different. I know something, going back to retail would not bring the abundance I need to live in my own home as a single woman and after working in that area from the age of 16 I know it doesn't bring me satisfaction or a sense of grounded calm that my personality requires (busy queues and being stuck behind a till-point puts my senses on edge). 

I prefer work and/or a vocation that is satisfying to me on so many levels. Something that invigorates my soul and gives me a sense of purpose and pleasure. I don't feel it is wrong of me to want this any-more. I have lived a lifetime feeling undeserving of what I want, and as the world and society clearly encourages working hard to get money and get what you want, I do question it. 

Does working hard mean working at something that exhausts your spirit? I don't think so.

Do I trust the process? Sometimes.. sometimes I do not. Some people have had an easier road in this area and have effortlessly flowed into the vocation of their choosing and it has been a joy to flow into. Some of us I feel have it more challenging because perhaps, just perhaps, our calling is more translucent, something that cannot be grabbed or pinned down, something that evolves as we evolve.

So I prefer....


And love.

Perhaps this can be the ingredients of my next vocation.


I prefer...

What do you prefer for 2015?

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