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Embracing Material Poverty While Awakening To Abundance

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There is that well known saying 'sometimes things need to get worse before they get better'. As some of you know I have been questioning reality since 1999, writing this blog since 2007 and coming back to what truly matters, being authentic, embracing 'what is' and being more deeply present in my world.

For the first time in what feels like a decade, I am feeling creatively rich, I am feeling inspired, I am feeling better about who I am than I have ever felt before. At the moment completing a project that is sacred to me and close to my heart, and yet materially speaking things 'appear' to temporarily be worse than ever before.

My new project may change all of this but it may not. This is part of my life journey accepting 'what is' and allowing life to reveal ways of being and ways to experience a great sense of peace within. And for now 'Hot damn! These feelings of poor!'

With little in the refrigerator at the time of writing this, not sure if I am able to attend my own sister's wedding, sometimes wondering if I can eat lunch, I am faced with embracing abundance in a sea of seemingly outer poverty.

How Do We Feel Enough In The Midst Of Financial Hardship?

Sunset Over Ocean Golden Sky

We take one-day-at-a-time.

We appreciate we are not starving because even if we have only one meal a day we can survive on this (not that I am having one meal a day but humanly we can survive on this).

We appreciate we don't live on the streets. We have a roof over our head to keep us dry.

We have eyes to read this, we see the blue sky, the sun shines.

We look at how nature handles difficult weather systems. Trees with strong roots, present with 'what is', bending when they need to.

And more importantly, we get really present with only 'this now moment'.

We take action from the present. 

We accept worse case scenarios. Yes we can do this. This brings acceptance, brings relief.

For example:

I may not go to my sister's wedding. Or I may go and come straight home. I may not have cream in my coffee. I may have to eat less for a while.

But, this material lack is NOT, I repeat, NOT who I am (or who you are if you are in a similar situation). This is simply a set of circumstances taking place. Much like clouds passing overhead. They come, they go, emotions and thoughts do the same, yet who I am, who you are, is beyond all of this and is unchanging.

And you and I can hold our heads up high as we listen to the present moment whisper our name, offer us guidance.

We can ask for help, but only if it feels empowering to do so. Obviously if you are about to be made homeless, yes get help. But if you are in debt and simply feel lacking because you cannot buy those luxurious items you had before, ask if asking for help in the form of money from friends or family is empowering or dis-empowering.

Have courage! Be brave!

You and I can live simply and for me it's important to not ask for hand-outs because this would be dis-empowering to me right now. But it may be exactly what you need right now. It is a personal thing.

Dig Deep

So dig deep, even if materially things may suck big-time right now. Ask yourself if this 'lack' is any reflection on who you really are?

Ask yourself :

Am I lack of money?
Am I really poor?

If you really ask these questions and dig deep you will see that you are not poor. Who is the you that could be poor?

Are you your thoughts?
Are you your feelings?

Is the you, who you think you are, your brain? Your surroundings? Your material objects?

Who are you really?

And then let your life unfold, unravel those patterns and beliefs about who you are and begin to experience a greater sense of self-kindness and abundance from within.

Are you experience a challenging set of 
material circumstances right now? 

How are you dealing with it internally?

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photo 2 credit: Kumaravel via photopin cc


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