Friday, 9 May 2014

Waiting For The Next Door - Desire & The Now Moment

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Mindfulness and being in the 'Now' moment is such a big thing in spiritual circles at this time and this is great because 'Now' is all we have, so why are a lot of people believing they can mix 'the law of attraction' and 'creating your reality' with being mindful and being present?

It's not easy to be present. If it were, everyone would be here now because being present is where grace lies, where peace and genuine joy arise from.

The fact is we don't trust the present moment because we feel that if we don't exert some sort of control over our lives, then what we think we want will never happen.

We don't trust the grand design.

Being present is very literal. You are present with 'what is'. Allowing your life to unfold, in touch with your emotions arising, your intuition, and any action or activity that springs forth from the 'Now'.

If you want to be mindful, be mindful of wanting to change 'what is', be mindful of any yearning hope that projects you into a future that never comes.

Try not to go through one door only to be looking for the next door, the next goal, the next project, the next relationship.. the next.. the next....

This isn't easy, but if you want to experience more consistent satisfaction, grace, knowing and inspiration, see if you can bring yourself back to 'here - now'.

You may crave a summer holiday this year, but can't see how that is going to happen. Become still and welcome the longing, like a child needing comfort.

In this exact moment you don't need to be somewhere else. When you need to be somewhere else, life will naturally guide your way in an effortless grace. And if you have something to experience from not going on holiday, then thank the 'Now' for allowing you this self-growth opportunity.

Our culture has set itself up in a way that we are always wanting more. The governments and corporations of the world want the people to want more. Why is this? Because a person who is always living for the future is not here to notice what is really going on. Someone living mindfully is not able to be controlled by the system put in place. This is because anyone more fully present is always free. Free from within.

Where are you spending most of your time? 
Here now? Or future dreams and hopes?

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