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Review: The Great Pain Deception by Steven Ray Ozanich

Title: The Great Pain Deception

Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse

Author: Steven Ray Ozanich

Published: 2011

Publisher: Silver Cord Records Inc.

Pages: 378

UK : £13.58 (at time of posting) Buy Here
USA : $18.29 (at time of posting) Buy Here

Genre: Health/Self-Help

This is a guest review by Michael Doherty

So, What Is So Good About This Book

I was born just before the Second World War in 1937. I was raised in a very dysfunctional family, where violence and anger were the order of the day, except for me. If ever I displayed any emotion, it was beaten out of me. Thus I experienced massive amounts of fear and anger, which I very quickly learned to suppress in order to survive.

During my life, I’ve experienced many of the health conditions mentioned in the book and on the cover.

A couple of years ago I discovered the work of Dr John Sarno, who started this approach to the healing of TMS pain, but his books are a bit technical, whereas ‘The Great Pain Deception’ by Steven Ozanich is written for the layman, by someone who has ‘Been there – Done That – Got the T-Shirt’.

I’ve always felt that there is more to these medical conditions than just a body problem, so I was very open to the idea presented here, that the cause of the chronic pain is usually, if not always, the mind.

By following the insights that this book gave me, I have been able to accept that I now have the means to cure myself.

The author explains how the unconscious mind causes pain as a distraction from the seething volcano of anger that we have suppressed for all of our lives (Oh boy, do I relate to that).

It does this to prevent the volcano from erupting, which it might very well do, at the most inappropriate times (which it has at times, with hilarious results in some cases, but more usually disastrous results for both me and others).

You need to accept that the cause of your pain could be repressed anger, that this is a possibility, for the healing to begin. In many cases, just the understanding and acceptance can bring about a total healing, but for others, it may take longer. However the author shows us that however difficult the situation, healing is possible.

What I most like about this book is that it’s written by someone who has been through all this, and come out the other side. His journey wasn’t easy, a lot more difficult than many who go through the process, but it just proves that however bad it is, a cure can be achieved. He also backs up the story of his journey with numerous case histories from others who have achieved success.

I can thoroughly recommend this book and the process it teaches because it works.

A few of the chapters:

  •          How I Became Pain Free

  •         What You Need to Understand to Heal

  •          Goodist-itus – Inflammation of the Low Esteem

  •          T n A  --Major Personality Types and Health

  •          CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  •          Anxiety, Depression and Metanoia

  •         Drugs

  •         Holding onto Anger

  •         Physician Heal Thyself – How to Free Yourself from Pain

Some quotes from the book:

·         “TMS is an avoidance mechanism, or distraction technique – a deception by the brain to avoid facing sad, or socially unacceptable thoughts”

·         “He told me that his work as a dermatologist had led him to conclude that many individuals with psoriasis and eczema were actually “weeping through their skin”. In other words, these people, for one reason or another, were unable to weep openly, even though they had experienced events that warranted a good cry.”

·         “Pain does not come from having one leg longer than the other, or one hip higher than the other. Pain does not come from arthritis or herniated discs or bone warping. Pain comes from deep-seated unhappiness, monotony through lack of purpose, and fear, which in turns further angers the sufferer, increasing pain.”

Who would benefit from reading this book:

This book is for all those who suffer from ongoing chronic pain, which the standard medical treatments have failed  to relieve, and in many cases have made worse.

For all those with an open mind, who are prepared to accept that the mind and the body are totally connected.

For all those who have come to realise that the standard  treatments for chronic conditions that are offered by the medical profession, with the best will in the world, cannot effect a cure, because they are only treating symptoms, whereas this book teaches you how to treat the causes.

For all those who are exhausted by their condition, and are tired of seeking answers from outside of themselves, and who want to discover how to take back control of their lives.


Very thorough, down-to-earth style of writing, easy to understand and relate to. Steven's personal stories really are engaging and help with absorbing the information to gently begin the healing process. Steven's experience is evident and his understanding of the emotional and physical experience made it easy to understand for the layperson reading. A very good and informative guide for self-healing and self-knowledge.

A rather long book, even though it was probably part of the purpose of the book so more information could be absorbed by the reader I felt it could have been shortened and had the same effect.

Also, to stay in touch with Steven check out his site

BIO: Michael has had a wealth of experience in many areas – teaching, counselling, writing and business, to mention just a few. He has studied mathematics, physics, psychology, western and eastern philosophies, and continues to remain up-to-date in all his areas of interest. Because of his wide ranging skills, he is able offer penetrating insights into many areas, but especially those involving interpersonal relationships. He has written a beginners’ guide to the ‘I Ching’, due for publication this year, and has a new blog at: The Michael Files.
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*Post Disclaimer: I received 1 copy of the book 'The Great Pain Deception' by Steven Ray Ozanich' from Steven for review. All opinions are Michaels  own. 

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