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Review: At Last A Life - Anxiety and Panic Free by Paul David

At Last A Life Anxiety Panic Free

Title: At Last A Life

Anxiety and Panic Free 

Author: Paul David

Published: 2006

Publisher: Self-published

Pages: 169

Price:  £13.99 ( Purchase HERE)
USA : $21.99 (Purchase HERE - price at time of posting)
Genre: Mental Health

As someone who has suffered from anxiety since the age of 7, I have quite a bit of experience in 'trying' to overcome this often debilitating condition. Anyone who has experience of anxiety and panic attacks knows how limiting it can feel and how frightening it can be. I have read so many books on anxiety, many written by 'experts', mainly lecturers in psychology or those who work with people suffering from anxiety, but rarely is there a book written by someone who has had anxiety and overcome it. I finally discovered the perfect book and this book is called 'At Last A Life - Anxiety and Panic Free' by Paul David.

Not often do I review a book that means so much to me. I often describe the positive and negative aspects of a book, but this book has no negative aspects because it works!

Paul David wrote this book in a way that all anxiety sufferers will identify with. He has helped a lot of people either recover fully from anxiety or put them on the road to recovery through both his book and his website and blog. Paul recovered from 10 years of anxiety and panic so he really is an expert in this field, unlike those who think they are.

So, What Is So Good About This Book?

Writing this review has been the most emotional book review I have ever written, because it not only means so much to me, but I want others who suffer from anxiety to know there is a way to heal from it. I want as many people as possible to read this book and visit Paul's site.

Paul begins by talking about his experience with anxiety and for me this really brings home how he has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and is not just offering some fluffy 'how to' manual but something that has substance, has understanding and has compassion. 

The book is separated into really worthwhile chapters:

  • My story
  • So what are these feelings I feel?
  • The breakthrough
  • Understanding anxiety
  • Giving up the fight
  • Panic attacks explained
  • Feeling detached from your surroundings
  • Scary/Irrational Thoughts
  • Success Stories
  • Other symptoms explained
  • We need one route
  • Born to worry
  • Some final points
  • Coming through depersonalisation
  • Social anxiety

One thing that really helped me understand more was something Paul was triggered by in his own healing journey... one statement he was told by a specialist in anxiety which was:

"Paul, you will never get better until you stop trying to get better."

This book explains why trying to analyse, trying to find a way to 'rid' ourselves of anxiety actually causes the perpetual state of anxiety to continue. It is our fight with it that continues this condition.

Paul takes you through his own healing journey and shares experiences of others who have been helped by Paul's words and sharing online. You will totally relate to the experiences you read in this book, I promise you. And I don't make promises often, but Paul's way works. I only wish all conventional Doctors would automatically prescribe this book instead of medication for anxiety sufferers so that they can learn to heal from this instead of masking the real feelings that are going on.

The topic of depersonalisation really helped me understand my own life, where anxiety had made me feel detached from my surroundings, and unable to be fully present in social situations. I often felt I was having an out-of-body experience due to anxiety when socialising, and he explains the physical symptoms that take place during a panic attack. The understanding of adrenalin really helped me not to fear them any more.

He goes into detail about the kind of thoughts we go through as anxiety sufferers and literally answers every question I ever had about my own anxiety.

I liked the fact that this is not a long book, and that there is nothing wasted here. No pages filled with pointless exercises like other books often have, seemingly just to increase the size of the book. It's all worthwhile reading and re-reading for anyone wanting to heal from anxiety.

So thank you Paul for writing this book. Thank you for sharing your story and helping so many.  I only hope my review can guide people to your book and your website so that more people can heal.

I have used this book and other similar methods, not running from the feelings but allowing them and it has helped me so much. I hope it helps you too.

Some quotes from the book:

When you realise there is no miracle cure and recovery comes from within, this can be a relief in itself...


When you constantly try to push away thoughts and feelings, you begin to enter a never-ending cycle. You have an uncomfortable thought or emotion so you try to push it away. This can lead to more painful emotions, which you try to push away, and so on. Not only that, but every time you try and suppress a thought or feeling you are giving it more power and respect by saying it should not be there. No one wants to walk around feeling emotional pain all of the time, but when we reject our emotions, we actually make things worse for ourselves. That emotion is there for a reason.

Who Would Benefit From Reading This Book?

Everyone who experiences anxiety.

Anyone who knows someone who experiences anxiety.

Healthcare providers who want to understand more on how to help those with anxiety.

Therapists who counsel those with anxiety.

If you wish to purchase this book you can buy it from Paul's website below and also please do check out the rest of his site and blog. There is a lot of help there that you can get straight away.

Also, to stay in touch with Paul and be inspired daily, follow him on twitter HERE and Facebook HERE. 

Check out his fab blog HERE

And also check out Paul's story in the guest post he shared recently at Kelly Martin Speaks below.

And a big thank you to Paul for being kind enough to offer 4 copies of his book 'At Last A Life' to 4 lucky readers at Kelly Martin Speaks.

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