Thursday, 6 February 2014

Soul Reminder - Acceptance & Releasing Resistance To What Is

VIDEO - Soul Reminder 
Acceptance & Releasing Resistance To What Is

Hi all, 

As some of you know I have a KELLY MARTIN SPEAKS YOU TUBE channel. I have posted a lot on there over the years, but nothing recently. I have been toying with creating short videos for a long time and so here is my first in a series. I will be posting one a week lasting only one minute. 

Sharing for only one minute is an interesting experience for me as I can often get deeply involved with my thoughts and sharing, so it's good to limit the time. I also find sometimes, life is just so busy, we need a little gentle word in our ears to help us know we are okay. 

I hope you enjoy this and click the subscribe button on my channel to receive a weekly reminder. 

Blessings and love 

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