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Sugar-Free 10 Months On - Not As Strict, But Still Disciplined

Sugar Free Kelly Martin Speaks

Sugar Free  - 10 months on

Hi there,

For those of you new to 'Kelly Martin Speaks', I gave up refined sugar in January this year (2013). Probably nearly as much a challenge as giving up a drug habit. In the post What is hiding beneath your sugar addiction? I discussed how much a heavy sugar habit can hide many emotions that stunt our personal growth as we hide behind the sugar addiction. In What causes sugar cravings? I discuss how we can have different types of sugar addiction, including health issues that cause sugar addiction. I have written a lot about my sugar-free journey, experimented with cooking without sugar here, and now I am at the 10 month mark.

Relaxing My Sugar-Free Journey

For a long time I was very strict on my sugar-free diet. At the start of the first few months I needed to be completely sugar-free (including healthy sugars like honey), while my taste buds adjusted. I gradually introduced occasional honey in baking, coconut sugar and Sweet Freedom more recently. I primarily sweeten things naturally with fruit and put xylitol and Sweet Freedom in my coffee on my trips to coffee shops.

My taste buds have changed a lot. I now prefer dark chocolate as all the sickly sweet milk chocolate, cakes, biscuits and chocolates I ate before are now too sweet. I am more flexible now. Primarily when dining out, I won't say no to chocolate sprinkles on my cappuccino, and if someone offers me cake I'm not going to say no, even if it has refined sugar in it. I simply choose to allow this into my diet occasionally, primarily when away from home, on holiday or out for the day. And I go home not craving those super sweet foods as my body has fully adjusted to this change now.

Yes, it's not easy but...

Going sugar-free, no it's not easy, but if you want to mentally and emotionally change your perspective of yourself and life, diet has a huge effect on how we experience our world. Don't kid yourself to think it's irrelevant. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, mental health issues, feel unmotivated, stressed, tired, your adrenal glands could be totally overworked from flooding your body with too much insulin.

If you try everything to lose weight and your hormones and mood swing from one extreme to another, you really need to look at changing your diet. I promise you, once you get over a six month sugar hump you will feel in better control of your emotional response to your world and your inner landscape. 

If like I did you :-

Drink a lot of Coca Cola, soft drinks, fruit juices

Eat biscuits, milk chocolate and cakes

And have coffee and tea regularly with sugar.

Well, your body is probably working so hard to keep you healthy, it has no room left to let you experience emotional and mental balance too.

You don't need to give up all your goodies

As you embark on a sugar-free journey you discover new ways to enjoy sweet foods. Your taste-buds shift and if you use EFT on the cravings you will find you have no real urge for sugar-laden foods and beverages. 

So what are you waiting for?

The perfect time? 

When is the perfect time?

What if your resistance is actually the very thing 
that could propel change in your life, attitude and well-being?

You never know until you commit to this change.


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