Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review: Chakra Workout - Balancing The Chakras With Yoga by Mary Horsley


~Chakra Workout~

Balancing The Chakras With Yoga

Author : Mary Horsley

Publisher: GAIA Books

"Subtle energies course through our bodies like an electric circuit—and the areas where the energy concentrates are our chakras. Each chakra opens the door to a different stage of development, and with this complete practical workout you can influence them all, and raise your consciousness to the next level. Using breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation, and massage, embark on an exploration not only of the seven main chakras but the 21 minor ones, too. You’ll learn each one’s location, purpose, color, element, symbol, age, mantra, and effect—depending on whether it’s blocked or flowing freely. Work on them either one by one or as a total system. Exquisite photos and drawings throughout the guide illustrate the postures, techniques, and concepts."

Over the years on my spiritual journey I have noticed what a difference yoga and other types of exercise do to my body, but not only to my body, but to my overall sense of well-being  You may not know that we have energy centres that may be balanced or out of balance depending on our history, conditioning and background. Different energy centres (chakras) support our development and reflect what is going on for us in our mind, body and spirit.

For example some of the chakras are fairly obvious in that the heart chakra reflects out ability to give and receive. If it is out of balance we may feel resistant in this area. 

This book enables you to work with the body to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit, and also teaches you about chakras, how to work with meditation, massage and different yoga postures to bring yourself back into balance. It explains the chakras clearly and goes through the names of chakras and their meaning in English and what they do. It then takes you through yoga postures that go well with each chakra. It also goes into the minor chakras. A very thorough understanding of the chakras.

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