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Syria - Fear and The 'Inner' War

Syria - Fear and The 'Inner' War 

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Do not read on if you are not ready to be challenged.

I rarely watch the news or read the news, but sometimes I stumble upon something happening and it engages me for a while. My house-mate had been mentioning Syria a few times and I had not paid much attention until last night. Without going into details, as the internet is full of it, I questioned him about what was really going on.

Since 9/11 and the Iraqi 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' craziness, I have become a very big sceptic when it comes to the news the media puts out there and so it is with this news. He told me that the use of chemical weapons, allegedly by President Assad of Syria, was almost certainly a 'false flag' attack by the opposition forces, and that this was being used by the US, the UK and France as justification for a military strike against the regime. Misinformation - which we often get spoon-fed by the media. But this whole topic of war got me pondering.

I noticed on the Facebook page for 'The Sun' newspaper 700+ comments (probably more now) on whether the UK should go into Syria. Just about 99.9%  of those commenting said 'No' for various reasons. What dawned on me the most was the seeds of fear being planted around the globe at this time, many talking of  World War 3, and I asked myself what is really going on, on planet Earth at this time?

What Is Really Going On, On Planet Earth At This Time?

We could get into the ins and outs of why it is happening, why so much bloodshed, why is there no peace, why war, why do Governments go to war, why do innocent people die etc etc.. And we would be here all day and some. What I want to take a look at is, what is this mirroring in the inner world of humankind?

As a race of people, many of us have so much going on in our lives and more so inside our minds. Thoughts racing, conflict taking place, depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, jealousy, envy and often a deep feeling of 'not good enough' and I feel war is no different. All war mirrors the internal wars we have with ourselves.

We are all responsible for everything happening on this planet. Not just our small patch of the earth. Whether it is in Iraq, Syria, Africa, Japan - anywhere, this world wouldn't be here without us.

And this is not pure arrogance on my part. I am not saying the planet would die without us, far from it. We do more damage than any other species. What I am saying is experientially, if we are not here, there is no experience of planet Earth.

Animals, nature, insects, trees haven't the same self awareness that we have; they are already in their Zen nature. One with the planet, not separate. They see no future, no past - only this moment. They could be here one moment and gone another and would feel no different, as there is no death and there is no birth. This is also an illusion.

WAR Reflects Our Inner State

Man With Shadow War
Photo taken by luzyano share via Creative Commons

What do you feel would happen if more people on this planet began to make peace with themselves?

If enough of us make peace with who we are, with the anger, rage, fear, sadness and everything in between, there would be a greater peace in the outer world. We are pure consciousness. Without these skins, these bag of bones - my energy, my breath is not separate from yours; my energy is not separate from this planet, the trees, the cat sitting on bed right now. If more of us awaken to the bigger picture, change will happen, it has to. There is nothing else that can happen.

At the moment people are waking up, and part of waking up is seeing what is really happening in the world, seeing beyond the shroud of illusion the media places before our eyes through misinformation. This is one stage of awakening.

Many of us are waking up to the impact we have on both ourselves and those around us and this planet.

Some of us choosing to do all the planetary healing, all the peace-making within, as this is where it all starts.

Hating Our Leaders VERSUS Taking Responsibility

We may hate our leaders, we may hate what is happening on the planet, BUT if we begin to take 'inner responsibility' for our own thoughts and feelings, our leaders and the crises taking place have no need to be there. But we need to clean house. Clean our inner house first.

Clean Your Inner House - This is Where Peace Begins

This may take a long time; or it may take no time at all if more wake up.

So the next time you watch the news, see wars raging, people being abused, children being abused, rape, tragedy across this planet, look inwardly.

  • Where inside you is there a war raging?

  • Where inside you are you abusing yourself?

  • Where inside you are you abusing your inner child who needs your love and attention?

  • Where inside you are you raping yourself of your dignity, of the self respect you deserve - from you? 

This may seem a controversial topic.
This may push a few buttons, but sometimes buttons need to be pressed.

You may read this and swear at the screen.
You may read this and say this is a load of rubbish.
You may read this and feel disgusted that I dare write something that says 'you are responsible.'

But, if the only thing this post has done has planted seeds, I have done my job.

How does this all make you feel?

Zen Pebbles On Water Peace

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