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NOW CLOSED: WIN Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook by Jacob Teitelbaum - Review & Giveaway

WIN Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook by Jacob Teitelbaum - Review & Giveaway
Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook 

Recipes That Cure Your Type Of Sugar Addiction And Help You Lose Weight And Feel Great!

Author: Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., and Chrystle Fiedler (Recipes By Deirdre Rawlings, PH.d., N.D

Published: 2012  Pages: 256
Genre: Health

Price: $16.99 / £12.99

Purchase 'Beat Sugar Addiction Now!' HERE (USA) & HERE (UK)

As many of you may know I had the pleasure of reviewing 'Beat Sugar Addiction Now' a short while back where I learnt a lot about different types of sugar addictions and what was necessary to make the shift away from that addiction. A valuable book with great information that helped me understand my own sugar addictions (see HERE for that review).

Now I have the pleasure of reviewing the cookbook that supports any changes from being a sugar addict to being addiction free. 

'Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook' is equally as thorough and informative. It takes you through the different addiction types again, not in as much detail, but enough to understand what your challenges may be. It begins the book by going through the basics of how to break sugar addiction and then moves into individual chapters for each sugar addiction type. Each chapter is filled with specific recipes for the challenges posed by each sugar addiction, summarising why the recipes will help that particular type. I found the section on alternative sweeteners very informative. Some I had not heard of and will be looking into myself.

With 120 recipes this is a book to be worked through and an ongoing process of transforming your health, releasing your addiction and losing weight. The recipes include some sweet treat alternatives, but focus a lot on the savoury aspect of stopping the addiction. I found this very worthwhile and rewarding, because when I gave up sugar over 6 months ago, I knew I had to go through a period of 3 months without treats. I had to do this so that my taste-buds adjusted. I am not saying that this is what you need to do, as everyone differs, but this books gives you a roadmap for a healthier eating balance; with lots of ideas in the recipes to expand on. 

The Recipes 

Unlike some recipe books this is easy to read and create from. The recipes are not complicated, which is what I prefer - simple and easier cooking, and include recipes for breakfast, dinner, dessert and side dishes. For the purpose of review I tried one of the simple recipes in the PMT/Hormone sugar addiction type section of the book, because I was going through a few days of PMT myself and felt that this was the best meal to try out.

I made an absolutely delicious omelette called the BLISSFUL BONE-BUILDING OMELET

WIN Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook by Jacob Teitelbaum - Review & Giveaway

The recipe included eggs, cream, black pepper, spinach, goats cheese, basil and olive oil and was a really easy recipe. The benefits of this dish included the mood-boosting tryptophan from the goats cheese, and calcium from the spinach to build stronger bones. And it also said that calcium helps keep you calm which in turn reduces the cravings for sweet foods. The omelette was also high in the vitamin E and C that also keep hormones and blood sugar levels stable.

Along with recipes for the different types of sugar addictions it also has a section of recipes for all sugar addictions and like the other book gives you a section of supplements that can also support your lifestyle change.

Who Would Benefit From This Book?
  • Anyone wishing to change their eating habits and lose weight.
  • Anyone with a sugar addiction that may not be sure about what will support their new eating habits.
  • Anyone suffering from obesity
  • Anyone who is diabetic
  • Anyone with anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sinusitis, hypothyroidism, heart disease, migraines, headaches. 
  • Anyone that experiences regular mood swings and hormonal issues. 


Easy to read, simple recipes, not over complicated, helps you understand why certain foods are beneficial for health, and additional support for different sugar addictions.

It would have been lovely to see photos in this cookbook but this does not detract from the ease of how the book is laid out and how it is jargon-free.

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