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WIN! Chocolate From The Raw Chocolate Company - UK Only (NOW CLOSED!)

The Raw Chocolate Company, Kelly Martin Speaks

A short while ago I had the honour of reviewing a delicious box of goodies from The Raw Chocolate Company  and was delighted to receive a lovely prize to give-away to my followers at Kelly Martin Speaks.

If you have not heard of The Raw Chocolate Company, they pack a whole lot of love into everything they do from the creation process to the ethical side of being a sustainable and growing business. They sell everything from raw chocolate to superfoods and recipe ingredients that pack that extra health-kick vibe into your life but with tasty goodness.

Please check out my review HERE and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Not only does everything taste so damn good, it has the added benefits of being healthy chocolate. And for those of you on a sugar detox or need to keep your blood sugar balanced they use coconut sugar or xylitol so no nasty refined sugar. And for those non-dark chocolate fans they even cater to you with their Vanoffee range.

From raw chocolate Goij berries, to super-foods to be used in smoothies and other foodie creations, to cacao butter to make your own chocolate fudge like I did HERE with The Raw Chocolate ingredients I reviewed, to good ole chocolate bars for munching while watching TV, or surfing the net, or well... we don't need an excuse to eat chocolate do we?

So without further ado here is your chance to win some raw chocolate goodies from The Raw Chocolate Company. 

And as an added bonus for anyone who enters, if you purchase anything from The Raw Chocolate Company shop HERE , you get :

A 10% discount off all future orders 

(until end 2013 - NO minimum purchase)

Enter Code: PBB102013

(And if your purchase comes to £30 or over you also get free delivery)

The treats you can win include :
  • Organic raw chocolate Goji Berries & Orange (so tasty, a great combination)
  • Dark Raw Chocolate with Orange & Xylitol (yum without the coconut sugar & dark enough for those connoisseurs out there).
  • Dark Raw Chocolate With Mint & Xylitol (think cooling chocolate)
  • Organic Pitch Dark Raw Chocolate (for those of you that dark is the best and love it on its own)
  • Vanoffee Dark (for those making the change from milk chocolate into dark for the first time).
  • Vanoffee (for those not ready for dark chocolate but would like a more healthy chocolate bar - this tastes like white chocolate).
  • And my personal favourites the Raw Chocolate Goji Berries and Raw Chocolate Mulberries (snack packs). Once you have tried these you will be hooked, I promise you!

 "All our products are 100% raw, gluten and dairy free!" 
~The Raw Chocolate Company~

The Raw Chocolate Company, Kelly Martin Speaks

Buy Raw Chocolate Goodies From

A big thank you to The Raw Chocolate Company 
for sponsoring this giveaway 

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