Monday, 24 June 2013

Can You Be A Nobody? Instead Of Trying To Be Somebody

nobody, somebody, advaita

"You Are A Very Special Nobody."

How does this make you feel? Deflated? Sad? Empowered?

Now what if I said:

 "You Are A Very Special Somebody."

How does this make you feel? Better, happier? 

Well like most of us, you're probably suffering from somebody-itis. This is the need to be a special somebody. You may think, 'Isn't that what life is all about? Striving to have some sort of impact on the world, add something of value, achieve great things.'

What if I told you your ego will always need you to be somebody special and that it will never be satisfied?

nobody, somebody, advaita

Being somebody is always going to be a future thing. The mind is not content with the present moment and so strives to be somebody. The thing is your true self is nobody = no-body.

The inspirational teacher Mooji knocked my socks off when I first heard this idea. In response to a question he told the questioner:

You Are A Very Special Nobody

He said it in such a way, like all great teachers do, to wake people up. He woke  me up. Before that moment, the idea of being a nobody brought me deep feelings of despair. I'd been wrestling for a long time with feeling like a failure, comparing myself with others and resigned to being a 'negative' nobody - not a 'positive' nobody. I was listening to my mind, the dramas going on and not allowing myself to be fully present.

What Does Being A 'Nobody' Mean?

Being nobody means you are much more than your body, your mind or the story you tell yourself about who you are. It means you don't feel the need to compare your value with anyone else or compete anymore  You're satisfied and appreciate who you are. And, you know who you are, beyond the body and mind.

Being nobody doesn't mean you sit on a meditation cushion chanting OM all day. It doesn't mean you never achieve anything, or you don't make an impact in the world. It simply means that you're present, you accept who you are, and are a witness to the 'thinker' and by simply being, not striving, life naturally expresses itself through you. You're no longer attached to being somebody. You're simply alive.

Your choices and decisions come from an inspired place - not needing a specific outcome to occur.

And you don't try to be nobody, you simply are nobody.

Can You Be Satisfied Or Okay Being 'Nobody'?

The mind and the ego will never be satisfied with being 'nobody'. But your true self does not separate who it is from everything else in the world, so no competition, but deep surrender and flow.

Is It Easy?

Err.. no. I am just beginning to understand this through my intellect; my mind is working with the knowing that is true for me. Emotionally, embodying being 'nobody', I haven't embraced yet. But I want to. For me it will be a relief, to stop trying to be 'somebody' and simply be 'nobody'.

Do you feel you could embrace being a nobody? 
How does this thought feel to you?
What would stop you letting this in?

To watch the video from Mooji click the image below


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