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Heart Thoughts : A Treasury of Inner Wisdom by Louise L Hay - Book Review - CLOSED

As a huge Louise L. Hay fan, I was really pleased to get the opportunity to review the new gift edition of the well known book 'Heart Thoughts'. And even more pleased to be able to offer someone the opportunity to receive a copy of the book as a prize in my giveaway.

Title: Heart Thoughts - A Treasury of Inner Wisdom

Author: Louise L. Hay

Published: 2013
Pages: 279

RRP: £12.99/ $19.95
Genre : Inspirational/Self Help

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This gift edition is the updated version of her best seller Heart Thoughts, however this edition is not only packed full of Louise's classic inspiration and wisdom but decorated with Katie Daisy's powerfully uplifting artwork.


Short, easy to understand and follow nuggets of daily wisdom. Sunshine on every single page. Allows the reader to dip in and out when needed or to find an area that may be challenging them and transform their thinking.

May be a bit too girly for very masculine men who are not into hearts and flowers.
Not as 'in depth' as her other books.

Heart Thoughts is like an uplifting rainbow after a challenging storm. Life can be like a storm at times and many of us simply don't have the inner resources to deal with the difficulties or the self-love necessary to change our lives. Louise, in her beautiful and nurturing way, takes the reader on a journey into self-acceptance and self-love.

This new gift edition instantly brightened my spirit and mood. The entire book is a work of art. As Louise guides the reader through topics such as abundance, healing relationships, grief, the inner child, weight, health and more, you begin to feel Louise really knows who you are. She seems to be so adept at understanding the human condition. Her warmth and kindness made me feel like I had a really loving grandmother, holding me tenderly, as I went through some challenging thoughts and difficult experiences.

The artist Katie Daisy's creativity complements the book brilliantly and really brings the words together until they have a lovely life of their own leaping off the page to soothe the spirit. The artwork made me want to return to the book time and time again and it's definitely a keeper.

'Heart Thoughts' can be read in the ordinary way from beginning to end or you can dip into the book when you have experiences you find challenging by looking at the categories and reading exactly what you need to hear. Or you can do what many people do, close your eyes and let the universe pick a page you may need to read in that moment.

At the back of the book there is a section where you can write your own unique heart thoughts, something I recommend everyone to do.

My favourite quotes from the book:
We do not have to know how to forgive. All we have to do is be willing to forgive. The Universe will take care of the how.
Just as all the stars and planets are in Divine right order, so are you. The heavens are in perfect alignment, and so are you.

Who should buy this book?

Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, friends - anyone that wants to change how they see themselves and others.

Anyone needing a special thank you or needing to cheer someone up. This is the perfect gift for anyone overcoming a period of ill health (mental or physical).

 A perfect gift for a teenage daughter going through the challenging teen years. When life seems difficult and peer groups are not a support. A daily guidebook for change.

Louise offers the reader hope and upliftment in a time when people are going through a lot of change and uncertainty. A highly recommended read and gift.

I would like to give a big thanks to Hay House Publishing 
for sponsoring this giveaway.

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Good Luck!

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Post Disclaimer: I received Heart Thoughts by Louise L Hay from Hay House publishing in the UK. All opinions are my own.


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