Sunday, 28 April 2013

Change To Commenting - Disqus

UPDATE: Disqus has a lot of traffic at the moment and is taking longer than usual.

Hi All,

I have just installed the Disqus commenting system. All old comments are currently importing to the new system and will appear within 12-48 hours. You can start leaving new comments in the meantime.

Disqus has many advantages and you can still post anonymously without a user account, but you do need to provide an email address.

I am currently testing it out and if it works I will keep, otherwise I can revert back to the old system. Let me know if you notice any bugs.

Thanks for your patience,



  1. Hi Rach, thanks for testing, I will let you know how it goes. I am waiting for DISQUS and BLOGGER to sync at the moment so the comments prior to installing show up on blog. It is supposed to take 24 hours but they have a delay at moment, hoping it will be finished by the time I hold my giveaway on Wednesday.

  2. I want it to work as it is supposed to cut spamming down big time and also allows you to do a lot more.

  3. bu dünya böle abi ne yapalım yapcak bişey yok web tasarım & firma rehberi

  4. Thanks for the tips, the system is pretty nice

  5. Hi, Kelly, thought I'd test this out for you as I'm looking for a new commenting system too! Looking good so far. x



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