Saturday, 12 January 2013

Letting The Blues Be - Riding The Tide Of Sadness

Sometimes we feel blue.
Sometimes we just cannot contain sadness.

The emotions overwhelm and spill over, filling the eyes, the heart may feel heavy, and the body filled with sighs.

Sometimes we feel blue and there is nothing we can do.

We can take stimulants, drink coffee, exercise, distract, and then we have a moment of silence, of quiet and the blues return again.

So sometimes, we just feel blue.

Sometimes life may appear to not be working the way we thought it would. Sometimes we expected more, had hopes, dreams, desires, and the longer we wait, the longer we need to be patient - sometimes we cannot escape the blues.

Sadness is familiar to me, but not altogether pleasant, well not at all really. Grief comes easily, joy - not so much. I have to work at joy, allow joy in, allow love to seep through my veins into my very being. The blues are easy, they are known.

Joy, love, light, these are more unknown to me. And so sometimes the blues take over and I need to ride the wave.

We cannot force joy, or love or feelings that are lighter. We cannot affirm our way out of the blues. Sadness is heavy and gives a heavy place in the heart. 

I have said this many times on my blog. You can feel sad, and try to affirm your way into 'happy' but it's like putting ice-cream on top of dog crap, the dog crap is still there whether you try and pretty it up with cherries and smiley faces. 

So what do you do when you have the blues?

Ride the wave, it is all you can do.

This too shall pass.

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