Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It Takes All Forms Of Love - Quirky Alone Day

So, it's Valentines Day in the western world today. Many couples sharing gifts, romantic candlelit dinners and gestures. But how do single people feel about this day?

The commercialism of the day itself has encouraged misery among single people. Unfortunately the social structure of this world is often built on relationships.If you choose to be, or are, circumstantially single you are hardly ever encouraged to revel in your single status. Instead we are led to believe we must cry, feel miserable and do all we can to find a partner.

I know of people who are horrified if they hear you are single, "Oh poor you" I hear in the tone of voice. And being over 30 and female when all your friends are married off, with children etc etc... You become a third wheel, a poor third wheel... "Oh poor you!".

I say NO! Today I discovered a site that recognises this day in a whole new way for both single people and those in relationships.

As a single woman enjoying my alone time, my own company, the people who feel sorry for single people tend to not have honed their natural ability to be alone, happily alone.

It's not boring being alone, unless you fidget and hate silence. It's all about being at ease in your own skin. I take myself on dates. I treat myself like the lover of life I am.

Learning to be happily alone or single takes practice, but the rewards are immeasurable. When you do eventually enter a relationship you go into it a whole person content in your own skin. Not fearing whether the relationship will or won't last. Instead you fully immerse yourself into each moment, fully alive.

So reward yourself today if you are single. Don't compare yourself with other couples. Not all couples are happy. Some couples stay together because the idea of being alone terrifies them so much they would rather live in an unsatisfactory relationship than take the leap into the potential greatness of being a single person.

So happy Quirky Alone Day!

I am here cheering you on!

Check out this alternative to Valentines Day here here: Quirky Alone Day


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