Saturday, 22 October 2011

Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters - An Illusion

This post was inspired by Matt Khan (see Unmasking the Veil). His video on You Tube made me consider the  spiritual experiences I had over 10 years ago in more depth.

When I was fairly new to spirit and psychic experiences I was practising a lot of Reiki (Reiki is said to be a Japanese form of healing energy channelled through someone. I tend to see Reiki as simply energy that is focused through the body) and one evening I lay in bed and was pondering what angels, guides and ascended masters are. A question that kept arising was "are they more evolved/higher than me?" And at the bottom of my bed I saw an angel, a guide and an ascended master. They merged. I then realised they are all one energy and  different frequencies of light.

Since watching Matt Khan's video and some realisations since (see On Being A Victim - A Larger Perspective) I have been blown away by the possibility/probability that angels etc. could be that which I am becoming. In understanding this further - angels, guides, masters are who  I am.

For a long time I had this intellectual understanding that we are one, but Matt's words put a whole new understanding on this topic for me. It really opened my eyes WIDE.

Mother Mary, Jesus, Angels, Guides to me are labels we give for different experiences of light energy. To my human experience Mother Mary could be nurturing mother energy (to another a whole new world of experience); Archangel Michael could be strength, masculine and powerful communication, all my unique interpretation of light. But to recognise they are all a part of my life movie, actors in my show, all pure representations of externally perceived energy and are all that 'I Am', highlighting what 'I' am becoming is amazing to me and very exciting.

This entire opening of my vision is bringing forth more and more questions which leaves me with my jaw dropped open yet breathtakingly wonderful.

To realise that the energy I see in my room at night (I see white light coming over me, sometimes blue), which I once thought of as my guardian angel, may actually be me, soothing me, nurturing me, inspiring me, reminding me of who I am, is so WOW! its difficult to describe.

For a couple of years now I have had fewer what could be termed 'psychic' experiences than I ever did in the beginning of my conscious spiritual journey. It feels like those unexplained phenomena, those out of this world experiences, are becoming so natural and normal they do not even register on my inner radar any more. Once upon a time I had felt my guides had deserted me and left me all alone on this planet Earth, but now I realise they did not leave, they were never gone -  I was never gone.

For a while, on my spiritual journey, I needed to externally represent my own self as a guiding light through spiritual guides and masters and angels because of a lack of faith in my own divine light.

When we feel the need to trust in a higher power, it tends to be because we don't believe we have that same power, that same guiding light within us, so we externally project a power 'out there'. This is necessary for as long as we need it until we begin to open our eyes to an even bigger picture of life.

For some it is Jesus, for some Buddha, Angels - many different faiths project this inner power, inner creator that we are - 'out there' into form. When in essence guides, angels, Jesus, Buddha are without physical form. They are pure energy - pure light - pure frequency.

They have no end to that form. No Buddha boxed into a tidy package standing next to the human. Without form you, me, Buddha, Jesus, angels, guides and ascended masters belong - as One.

This veil of illusion laid upon our eyes lifts as we become aware of who we truly are.

An example of this illusion is a woman called Mother Amma. She is known throughout the world as the Hugging Saint. She is a physical human but some believe she is an ascended master having a physical experience. She is able to hug thousands of people a day and not tire. It was written somewhere that somebody tried to poison her and unlike many humans she simply transmuted the energy of that intention from the human who gave it to her. She sees past the illusion of form.

I met Mother Amma on one of her visits to the UK. I queued up for a hug and I knew something was different about her. She hugged me and whispered something in my ear and hugged me twice. I felt she spoke a frequency of light into my human ears that lit up something inside me that began to lift the veil from my eyes. I felt myself (what I knew of myself) dissolve. I felt what can only be described as bliss. Time stopped (the illusion of time) and I felt pure without body. How I imagine she may feel, seeing beyond physical to the purest frequency we humans label love.

Mother Amma (much like Jesus is said to have been) has hugged people and many have had burdens lifted. She sees the pure spirit energy and in many ways her love reminds the human of who they really are. Whole.

This world is open - wide open now.

Can you see the illusions lifting from your eyes now?

*Top photo (ChrisJohnBeckett-flikr - creative commons)


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