Friday, 17 June 2011

The Beauty Of Okay

“There is no external source of our suffering, pain, pleasure and happiness. Our experiences of the good, the bad and the ugly are the creations of our minds.”

- Dzogche Ponlop Rinpoche
Sometimes I find it easy to be with myself, sometimes I don't.  

Sometimes the sunshine, beautiful landscape invigorates me, 
sometimes it doesn't. 

Will there ever become a time when the landscape, the beauty of the day consistently pleases me in more ways than one?

Perhaps not. And maybe, just maybe the power of  "It's Okay" becomes a saving grace.

Perhaps the day will come when I judge not one day better or worse than another and simply explore the awareness that each and every day its own unique vision to share.

It's only my resistance, through mental labelling, that makes me judge my day to be good or bad based on how I interpret my own feelings.

It's only resistance after all. And it's all okay.

“The most profound way to relate to the realm of our emotions and the entire universe is to simply experience each moment as it is without concepts and labels.”
-Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

How does dualistic thinking affect you? How easy do you find non-labelling of moods, emotions and days?



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