Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Writer's Stage Fright

I often wonder how does a writer write for a publisher? How do they go beyond the pressure of writing for an audience and write for themselves again?

To have deadlines placed on them, I cannot see how this is an environment that allows creative juices to flow.

As I feel like a fledgling writer, I sometimes place the perfectionist pressure on myself also.

In 2007 I wrote, but in 2011 I acknowledge I am a writer.  And sharing the inner workings of my heart can feel a lot like stage fright.

Putting pen to paper can sometimes feel like the first walk onto the stage before the curtain goes up, to share the art with the audience.

So how does one get past this fledgling shell shock of an audience watching the whispers of our hearts and souls?

Just keep walking!

Your work will act as your wings. 

Even if you feel what you write is not worth the ink on the page, it was worth your risk of falling.  It was worth listening to your inner calling.

People may love, hate or feel nothing, with no comment, but what matters is you were willing to risk the applause or the silence for your art, your heart.

Art and writing is as unique as the millions of blades of grass in this world and what you bring to your page, is worthy of taking centre stage.

Writing is a form of deep introspective creation brought out into the open in your very own shape and form.

If it didn't need to be written it wouldn't be.

And fear is the master critic but it can also guide us within.  Fear is here to guide us. 

Let go and trust -

Pen to paper,

Heart to soul,

Walk onto that stage,

And make being yourself your only goal.


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