Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Treat Your Fear As A Small Child

When fear arises as it inevitably does as a human, the tendency is to seek distraction. Quite often we would rather be feeling anything other than fear. So food may enter our mouths, alcohol may pass our lips, the TV goes on, we may surf the net seeking to find anything to either distract us or eliminate the fear.

When in all honesty, in the space of awareness, the fear is held like a small child missing its mother. And really, fear can be as a small child, the child that is desperately wanting to know what's happening, wants to know what the future holds.

It's not the spontaneous, moment by moment creative child; it's the fearful child from our past that recalls similar experiences and puts our current fear in the same box. It's the child that didn't fit in, the child that was bullied or abused and the child that may have been neglected.

What is scared is the memory from our past reliving fears or feelings, too insecure to face new challenges or experience.

Step back for a moment.
Witness the feeling.

I liken it to stepping into the back of my head, it feels like my consciousness steps back.
And this openness happens.

Some days I can sustain this expansive feeling for longer, some days for just a few moments. But by stepping back as the witness of an emotion like fear, we begin to realise the unlimitedness of our entire being.

There are no walls between us and what we view as the outside world. The body doesn't even house our spirit.

The body is the spirit, as are the blades of grass we walk on, the birds that fly in the sky, the air we breathe.

The air we breathe is the biggest reminder of our limitless potential.

So the next time you feel fear, be it intense or a minor fear, instead of distraction wait a moment and breathe it in.  Welcome this aspect of you coming up for attention and love and it will nurture you a whole lot more than any distraction could.

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  1. Good one! So true. Use fear as a compass. Don't run from it, but embrace it because it guards your treasure. Namaste.

  2. " guards your treasure" lovely! thanks Jennifer xx



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