Monday, 9 May 2011

Question Your Guru!

One of the things many people neglect to do on the spiritual path is to question spiritual teachers. It's easy not to when they are marketing teachings in the way sales pitches have been sold onto people for years. They fire us up, raise the passion and the excitement in us, and most of these teachers;


The emphasis is placed on attaining the 'desire' and much less on whether we are ready to receive whatever 'it' is.

I have followed various teachers over the course of 11 years including Neale Donald Walsh, James Redfield, Kyron, The Crimson Circle, The Beacons Of Light and for the past few years, Abraham Hicks. All offering similar nuggets of wisdom packaged in a new and 'enticing' way.  Many of these teachers offer tools, exercises and promises that their knowledge and understanding will bring about what we want.

Generally they point us on our way but they are not 'The Way'. It's quite easy to point fingers at organised religion as preaching the 'only truth', yet in a sense many of these spiritual teachers have a following en mass, acting as mass marketing and once you're in 'the group' be it as 'Shaumbra' as an 'Aber' or even a 'Lightworker', once your belief is set and fixed on one set of teachings, there is no difference in this to that of organised religion.  The main exception being you might be willing to spend your savings to receive this 'wisdom'.

While many of the teachings offer a step on the road to self-empowerment they rarely offer the whole enchilada for life. How can they? We are all unique individuals viewing life through unique pairs of eyes.

My following teachers eventually led me back to myself which any good teacher should do.

If the teachers you are following are not making the difference you had hoped for in your life ask yourself if these teachings are for you? People change and quite often we can grow beyond a teaching because our inner selves see a different route for us.  And we can come to a place in our lives where following teachers, and not having our expectations of those teachings fulfilled, become an excuse to not listening to our own inner voice.

It's very easy to go from teacher to teacher to teacher searching for 'The Answer' to any problems we think we face in our lives.  It's much like someone going to see a different counsellor every six weeks because they were not able to 'sort their lives out'.

What made me drop all 'outer' teachers was when I was following Abraham Hicks.  I now confess I was probably an 'Aber-Holic'.  I read all the books, bought all the Cd's, watched all the videos I could find on 'You Tube' and did all the exercises.  I sought out better feeling thoughts, but the thoughts did not sustain me.  They glossed over what I needed. I grew disillusioned by their teachings and contradictions in both 'wisdom' and their 'methods'.

Now, I recognise this disillusionment was essential to bring me back home, to myself.

I cringe now when I see other 'Abers' preaching the teachings of Abraham, because I used to be that person.  No other teaching could match what they said.  I was a walking, talking Abraham Hicks sales machine.  I related only to other Abers and thought people who did not resonate were crazy. In fact I was the crazy one. I was not questioning anything.  Until 3 months ago. I am so glad I did because I had to get off the bandwagon of 'If I Want It I Can Get it' to allow myself the opportunity to want 'What Is' in my life now.

While some teachings are etched in my brain I am slowly but surely finding my own path, my own way and it starts with making the best of TODAY.

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