Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mother Nature, Do You Yearn For More?

Mother Nature, do you yearn for more?
Does it matter that I live in a world of materialistic tendencies? where more is better and lots is best?

How can I be more like you Mother Earth?

Where the wind blows, seeds fall, seasons change, leaves fall, trees bend and grow, plants blossom and flower. 

A tree does not yearn to be bigger or yearn to be a bird that has no roots to the earth but flies high into the sky!

There is no lack where you come from!

I see the feathery seeds getting carried on the wind's air.
It has no craving: it has no care.
It knows not becoming or what possible outcomes lie within its shell.

Some land on the water
Some even land in my hair.

But do they care?
Do they care?

Nature can be our greatest teacher if we only stop a while and stand and stare.


  1. So beautiful. Nature is such a great teacher yes. Thought me how to be in the moment. That is all i need.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Greg, really appreciate your comment. Nature blesses me daily, I sometimes feel she is my inner mother nurturing me back to strength xxx

  3. Wonderful, I try to remember every day how beautiful the world around us is.



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