Sunday, 1 May 2011

The More You Want The Less Changes

This felt a bittersweet message to receive in a dream last night but when I understood what it meant it made a lot of sense to me.

Before bed last night I asked for a Beltane dream. 

The underlying energy of Beltane is one of reverance for all of life.  A time to reach out for what it is you want and  a time when everything is possible.  So I was very shocked and surprised to receive the message :

'The more you want the less changes'.

Perhaps the spirit of Beltane was truly flowing through me last night and this is a message I will absorb today on my trip out into nature.

My first feeling on this message was, the more we crave, the more we yearn for, the less changes.

Craving and yearning come from a place of lack.

And that natural change unfolds from a place of wholeness, a place where we not only accept where and who we are in our lives but we begin to find a deep respect, appreciation and love for what is.



  1. hmmm .. that's interesting. And from personal experience it's probably true!

  2. Hi Andy, that very statement in my dream shocked me to the core when I first got it lol! But it was ultimately true. The more I focused on wanting to travel, to have more money, more friendships, more clothes, more more more... lol! the more I felt stuck haha!

    And the more I began to like my current life the more life became easier and fresher and flowing.



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