Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Knowledge Is Power - My Visit To The Dentist's Chair

(A trip to the dentist - a long long long time ago I had some unpleasant dental experiences, which put me off dentistry, I went last year and this year I felt the need to go get my concerns eased, so here is a short poem as the feelings arose, maybe if your scared too it will help put your mind at rest)

Knowledge Is Power

So I visited the dentist today,
It was a scary realisation that came my way,
She was thorough and helped me understand,
Knowledge is my power to give my teeth a helping hand.

She said there was bone loss,
Which I admit freaked me out,
Something I can't get back but I can do something about,
Prevention and attention is what is needed,
So this time I went beyond my fear and her advice I heeded.

So next week is my trip to the dental hygienist,
She's going to give me some tips on keeping them the cleanest,
To put my wellbeing in someone elses hands,
Is something I must trust as source within me understands.

Knowledge is power,
And even though i'm scared,
I am glad that I went and I am glad that I cared.


  1. That was pretty great. The fear of the dentist knows no age. The fear persists, and it can be hard to overcome. However, knowing what goes on in our teeth and accepting the conditions and risks involved in the dental procedures helps in overcoming the fear.

  2. Hi Bradley, thanks for commenting. Yes knowing the risks is helpful. Also getting further knowledge on subjects is necessary I find as most dentists are trained by pharmaceutical companies and recommend only certain products.

    Needless to say I must still trust my feelings on my body.

  3. It should be nice having a good
    dentist taking care of you with no worries.



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