Monday, 16 May 2011

Inner Child As Teacher, Adventurer, and Inspiration

When you're a little girl (or boy) you don't look beyond the moment you're in. Unless your parents show you something new you're quite happy playing and investigating your surroundings. When you're a little girl you find fun and adventure in the smallest of things. A buttercup becomes a home for the fairy babies and nymphs.  A floating log down the river is a raft carrying brave warriors to battle.  There isn't any need to look beyond the day, the moment, the second.

Yet as grown ups we resist the simplest pleasure and look to what grown ups define as adventure, as a fully vivid life.  Many a time we look beyond the day.  We look to a future that hasn't happened.  We want to grow before we are ready. We lose sight of the treasures that lay inside our inner child.

Our inner child feels neglected, bored, frustrated, because we get all serious about life and what we are living. We refuse to look for the magic in each day like our inner child longs to do again.  We become rigid and fixated on far off dreams and distant pleasures.

Each day becomes a challenge for more, for something to fill the big gaping hole where we buried her (or him), our inner child beneath a pile of self hatred, dissatisfaction and projected pain from lack-full state of mind.  She leaps up and down shouting "I'm here! I can see all the fun to be had! You're looking in the wrong place!!".

"Where am I looking?" I ask.

"You're looking to people you don't know,
 You're looking to a future you don't know,
 You're missing the magic! Your missing the magic!"

I say:

"I'm so sorry little girl inside,
Please come out, I don't want you to hide,
Come out to play,
Each and every day,
Show me how to live life, your way".

I feel we spend too long talking to God and grown up versions of 'wisdom'.  We forget to speak to the one part of us that always knows how to enjoy each day.

Our inner child.  She has a lot to say.


  1. True. :) Funny, my mom and I were blowing bubbles when I was at her house last week. hehe.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Kelly. As adults we have been conditioned to stress about the past, or worry about the future. This only takes us away from experiencing the moment, and appreciating the joys of being alive. When we live in the moment we connect to that inner child, we tap into our creative juices, and we access our intuition.

    "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." ~ Buddha


  3. Hi Ty, great to see you pop over to my neck of the internet woods :-) thanks for commenting.

    Children are amazing. I am glad to be getting to know my own inner child now, she is loving being present and creative.

    Very true quote from the Buddha.

    Kelly x



Great to connect.


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