Saturday, 21 May 2011

Creative Pathmarkers

I sit here and wonder: "Do the creative monsters of our past act as path-markers defining the twists and turns that were necessary to give us the juice in the present to make us better artists?"

Were the people who 'showered on our parade' sent to us so we could define the kind of person we want to be?

I wonder. The wounded headmistress from my past who said I embarrassed the school after I performed my piece in assembly, was she sent to me so that at the perfect time in my life I would stretch beyond the limits of who I was and bring something to speaking that would not have been there otherwise?

It pleases me to ponder and experience these new awarenesses; to view her in good light instead of a negative way.

Mr Graham, my art teacher at high school, placed so much faith and gave me so much encouragement with my art. He adored my creative abilities until the final year where he gave me a grade D.  Did he 'shower on my parade' so that I would be the explorer I am, thus enabling me to retrieve far finer jewels from the neglected artist than I ever would have, had I gone onto art school and pursued a career from an early age.

Soul searching certainly brings with it great rewards.

I feel forgiveness and gratitude opening in my heart for my creative past now and this is so fulfilling.

My ART has more HEART.


  1. I love it "My Art Has Heart". I am in complete agreement with your revelation. I firmly believe those people come into our lives to toughen us up and force us to grow creatively, whether that was their intention or not ;)

  2. Hi Marla, its great to become aware and no longer be so hard on those special angels of the past. Hugs xx



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