Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cardboard Houses

A Short Poem On Living Inside Walls

We enclose ourselves in cardboard houses,
Separate from the land around us,
Fixating on moving boxes.

Indoors we sit and compare our lives.
Neighbours rustle windows, curtains
Keeping up with the Jones's
Created by a mass media of our own making.


About the Author
Kelly Martin is the author of When Everyone Shines But You – Saying Goodbye To 'I'm Not Good Enough' , a passionate writer and blogger questioning life's illusions. After what seemed like a decade of intense anxiety, feelings of failure and grief from the loss of her father she chose to take a mindfulness path and has not looked back since. Her writing style is down to earth, very human. She loves cats, dancing and adores people watching and walking in nature. You can find out all about her new book at or follow her on twitter at KellyMartin_UK
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