Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Unfolding River Within

The unfolding river is inside of me.  Whenever I sense urgency, whenever I sense a pushing within me, I remind myself that the unfolding river flows inside of me.

When I feel the planning, organising mind, again, sharing its sense of urgency and desperation.  I remind myself, the flowing river is inside of me.

When a spark of creativity flows from within, bubbling like a babbling brook awakened for the first time I go within and let it gain its own natural flow and momentum.

The mind may call for logical processes to take place, pulling in ways to make it happen, even when the unfolding is unknown, yet it tries to affect change through effort.  I remind myself, the unfolding river is within me.

It is so easy to get caught on minds tidal wave of 'shoulds' and 'how to's', sometimes I let the wave carry me, until I realise that I am achieving nothing by 'trying' to affect the flow.

It is easy to recognise when the mind is attempting to gain control back from natural unfolding.  The sensations within feel like incessant searching, attempts to discover what will work. Seeking, seeking, seeking...until awareness arises and we remember that our previous attempts at 'working things out' brought back no results, only stress, wasted energy and discomfort.

Ease and flow, life simply works better this way.  Struggle less, seek less, allow more.

Relax, all is well.


  1. Beautiful!!! Flow with Life. Thank you! :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Jennifer, I value your feedback xx



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