Saturday, 30 April 2011

This Beautiful World

flower, yellow, Kelly Martin Speaks copyright

There is nothing I need more than I have right now.

Everything I need I have within me.  How could I not?

The entire world resides within my heart and soul.  And any friendships with others I desire lie buried within the treasures of my own self.

The variety of life surrounds me in nature and the natural world, if only I stood still and viewed the world beneath my feet.

This green home I call my own, looked at close enough, houses a whole race of creatures and mountains and desert lands.

The sky holds within it the expansiveness of the entire whole.

Limitless, endless, infinite in its open view.

Clouds dot this blue space,

Carrying water from the landscapes of this beautiful Earth Mother.

How can I ever view my own life as miniscule or tiny when I carry the whole world inside me?

Never lacking.

For I am surrounded by such everlasting, ever-growing, ever-expanding resources.

The only lack I ever feel is looking through these eyes and fixing my gaze inside, and looking at empty spaces, misinterpreting the emptiness as truly empty,

When all of creation is awakened in that seemingly silent space.

Life is only a struggle when life is viewed through eyes of comparison, limitation, and the belief that we are not eternal beings within this grace of life.

If there was no TV, no media, and we lived as part of the land, and cherished our place as part of this unfolding universe, living within the cycles of nature..

We would thrive.

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