Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Fly Inspiration

Watching a large fly clean its feet on my paper,
I see its beautiful wings up close,
A kaleidoscope of iridescent weaves and webs,
A million eyes looking out,
Yet feeling safe in my presence.
I felt humbled by this unique sharing we had today.

The wind blows the cobwebs from my spirit of the past week,
I feel grateful to be out in this green landscape again.
Any insect or creature that happens to land on my skin,
I feel this blessed connection and interaction
That they chose to be part of my world,
For however long.
Be it to taste my salty skin,
Perhaps to simply rest a while,
And a fly simply came to revisit my page of white warm beauty,
Entrancing it to rest its long thin present legs on my page.
Some simply want to come along for the ride.
A bug is carried on my hand,
It shortens the distance travelled,
That seems a few metres to me,
Yet is an entire continent to this gentle creature.

Another green crawling one crawls onto my page,
All wanting to be part of this grand show of creation.
They light up my stage, inviting me in to their world,
Tasting the air,
Oh how I love these crawling ones that fly!

Kelly Martin, April 2011

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