Sunday, 3 April 2011

Goofy, Buck Teeth & Crooked Smiles

Accepting our humanity, including those parts of us we may consider are flaws is so important for our wellbeing and personal balance. When something in us seems wrong, imperfect or even viewed as ugly it can really place a deep dent on our self-esteem.

I used to be called goofy at school, my protruding front teeth was the talking point of the school bullies and the boys in my class. I have sticky out teeth and when I smile I smile BIG, but the beauty industry emphasised the perfect Hollywood smile and so I was left seriously feeling ugly until my thirties.

I saw a pattern in the beauty industry, like many people can see nowadays and because of this, I had had to work hard to accept some of my physical attributes, one of those being my unique smile.  

Brainwashed Beauty!

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming quite the norm in today's Western society, and the scary thing about this practice is that most of these cosmetic dentists are brainwashing people into believing their natural smile is ugly, incorrect and wrong.  

After looking at a cosmetic dentistry site in the USA I found the shocking way they encourage people to take treatment. They had photos of celebrities they deemed to need fixing, even Tom Cruise which many people would probably say had the perfect smile, yet they felt his teeth needed fixing.  

Buck teeth, crooked smiles, make a person beautifully unique, yet these smile and beauty 'experts' seem determined to make everyone reading feel inadequate and incomplete.

One tag line said "So, we’ve seen the ugly. Bring on the good and the bad"  and out of the ugly were the following stars:

Jon Heder

Kirsten Dunst

Looking at these photos I find Jon Heder incredibly beautiful. At first glance, the first thing I notice is his beautiful blue eyes and because of the subject I am writing about, I then notice his gums.  They do not offend me and I do not feel he needs fixing or correcting, whatsoever.  My best friend, during the days when I was racked with shame and embarrassment about my smile, told me over and over again that he does not notice my gums or the buckness of my teeth, he notices my smile, my eyes and now I understand what he means.  

How can you not see the immense beauty in Jon Heder?  

Mainly because cosmetic dentistry is A) Looking for faults to fix and looking for what is wrong - instead of what is RIGHT in a human being and B) Cosmetic dentistry would be out of business if we all began to love the teeth, gums and smile we have.

And let's not forget that what we think is beautiful is often brainwashed into us by the beauty industry. You may think you have your own free will and unique perspective, but how do you know it's your perspective, not something implanted into you as a child?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against all dentistry. If a person has no teeth, finds it hard to eat, is in pain and it is for health reasons, this is worthwhile. And if someone has extreme shame and cannot see a way to love the smile they have got, yes for self-esteem do it!  But there is always another option, and yes it takes time, and yes it's not the easy path, but I feel its worth it.  
Embrace Your 'NEW NORMAL'

I heard it on the grapevine that some people in Hollywood are now trying to tone down the bright white flashing neon teeth in exchange for more 'normal' looking teeth, this must say something to the beauty industry, if everyone looks the same how does anyone stand out?

Now, as I look at Kirsten Dunst, one thing that I have always found attractive about Kirsten is her non-Hollywood smile, it's a really sexy smile, yet she was put in the ugly category of Hollywood smiles.
It is time for a change I feel.  I am not prepared to put up with this bogus brainwashing anymore.  I am so pleased to have finally realised this. Those picture perfect smiles created by cosmetic dentists make everyone look alike and I am ready to be a unique, wonderful version of myself.  NO COPY!

More and more are realising a unique smile is an asset in the movie business. In essence, many stars are opting for the British smile. In the UK we are noted for having terrible teeth (apparently!) but at least we are originals.

What's wrong with buck teeth?

I was told to straighten my front teeth because of the extreme narrowness of my horseshoe palate they would need to break my jaw. How extreme is that? All for vanity? Imagine if all of those reading this today, who feel wrong or flawed because of their looks, their smiles suddenly accepted their beauty in the different shape and style it is in and imagine what an example this would be for the rest of the world.

Be an example and show children that who they are right now is important and beautiful regardless of what the beauty industry says. Better to change an ugly personality than an ugly smile.

Would you ever consider cosmetic dentistry? 

In what situations would you? And why?


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