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Goofy, Buck Teeth & Crooked Smiles

Self acceptance, self-love seem to be a big key to why we are here on this planet and I feel many of our unacceptable attributes are here to help us on this journey. For me, I am beginning to see a pattern forming in the beauty industry and I have had to work hard at accepting some of my physical attributes, one of those being my unique smile.  

Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming quite the norm in today's Western society, and the scary thing about this practice is that most of these cosmetic dentists are brainwashing people into believing their natural smile is ugly, incorrect and wrong.  

After looking at a cosmetic dentistry site in the USA I found the shocking way they encourage people to take treatment. They had photos of celebrities they deemed to need fixing, even Tom Cruise which many people would probably say had the perfect smile, yet they felt his teeth needed fixing.  

Buck teeth, crooked smiles, make a person beautifully unique, yet these smile and beauty 'experts' seem determined to make everyone reading feel inadequate and incomplete.

One tag line said "So, we’ve seen the ugly. Bring on the good and the bad"  and out of the ugly were the following stars:

Jon Heder

Kirsten Dunst

Looking at these photos I find Jon Heder incredibly beautiful. At first glance the first thing I notice is his beautiful blue eyes and because of the subject I am writing about, I then notice his gums.  They do not offend me and I do not feel he needs fixing or correcting, whatsoever.  My best friend, during the days when I was racked with shame and embarrassment about my smile, told me over and over again that he does not notice my gums or the buckness of my teeth, he notices my smile, my eyes and now I understand what he means.  

How can you not see the immense beauty in Jon Heder?  

Mainly because costmetic dentristry is A) Looking for faults to fix and looking for what is wrong - instead of what is RIGHT in a human being and B) Cosmetic Dentistry would be out of business if we all began to love the teeth, gums and smile we have.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against all dentistry, if a person has no teeth, finds it hard to eat, is in pain and it is for health reasons this is worthwhile, and if someone has extreme shame and cannot see a way to love their smile they have got, yes for self esteem do it!  But there is always another option, and yes it takes time, and yes its not the easy path but I feel its worth it.  
Now, as I look at Kirsten Dunst, one thing that I have always found attractive about Kirsten is her none-Hollywood smile, it's a really sexy smile, yet she was put in the ugly category of Hollywood smiles.
It is time for a change I feel.  I am not prepared to put up with this bogus brainwashing anymore.  I am so pleased to have finally realised this. Those picture perfect smiles created by cosmetic dentists make everyone look alike and I am ready to be a unique, wonderful version of myself.  NO COPY!

Proud to be unique!
Interestingly enough, since I originally wrote this blog post more and more stars in Hollywood are refusing do get dental treatment to 'perfect' their smiles. More and more are realising a unique smile is an asset in the business. In essence many stars are opting for the British smile. In the UK we are noted for having terrible teeth (apparently!) but at least we are originals.

Would you ever have cosmetic dentistry? In what situations would you? And why?

About the Author
After a year backpacking around Australia, experiencing the long grief from the loss of her father and after working in various areas (retail, office, editorial, Reiki healing,on-line;business) Kelly left all of that to focus on embracing many emotional fears through solitude. Through writing and blogging she found a voice that was hidden for 30+ years due to childhood programming. She realised her unique way of viewing the world needed to be expressed. Blogging about anxiety, depression, mindfulness, embracing what is and present moment awareness since 2006. Cutting through the illusions of many modern spiritual concepts to the bare bones, she brings the reader to their own questions about life, love, health and the universe as a whole. Breaking through any illusions and questioning reality one step at a time.
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  2. Aloha Kelly, it's Kate from CCOR!
    Congratulations on your new blog! What fun! When I was young, I had a pretty big overbite, sort of buck teeth up until I was 23 years old when I paid for my own braces. I was teased by my older sister, who, at the time was gorgeous. I felt like an ugly tom boy and was always afraid to smile or laugh. To this day I still don't like to have my photo taken. Having braces did help me to feel better and it corrected the TMJ problems I had. I love that you're writing about people accepting themselves and finding the perfection they 'really' are regardless of societies viewpoints and lack of acceptance. Big smiles to you!!

  3. Aloha Kate, lovely to see you over here. I had a brace as young teenager but because of my narrow up palate everything shifted back. It does take adapating too, and I am still in the process of liking and loving my smile yet I know how important it is to accept who I am and know that if my smile was like everybody else I wouldn't be me. Much love to you Kate and BIG SMILE right back atcha!

  4. You know, when you mentioned that they said Tom Cruise needed work I had to chuckle. He already has caps on his front teeth. I believe they got chipped/knocked out when he wrestled in high school.

    So, the guy who needs work still needs more work because the work he had done is not acceptable?! lol!

    Great post, Kelly :)

  5. LOL Marla totally! its a totally crazy world we live in. I notice moreso women have to have the perfection more than men in the celebrity world (with some exceptions). Men have wonky teeth, grey hair and look more original. The mind boggles lol!

    I would hate to be a celebrity I imagine they wake up saying "I just want to not brush my hair today! no makeup!!" arrgh! lol! hugs x

  6. I think having "societal imperfections" can be a GOOD thing... I had braces too as a teen and one kid "Mickey Pintar" still remember his name..tormented me and called me "bucky" lolll I can laugh at it now (sort of ) but at the time it was truly devasting and I saw myself as very ugly because of this for a long time after.. It taught me compassion for others and myself...

  7. Totally Renae, I love it when I see something that stands out in someone. I remember Jennifer Grey when she was in Dirty Dancing she had a beautiful nose and then I was shocked to see her in an episode of friends after a nose job, I did not even recognise her. Sometimes our 'imperfections' can be our greatest assets xx

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  12. LOL AMAZING! How many Dental Spammers there are out in the netsphere. This post has been receiving quite a lot. I don't even think they read the article. Anyway anyone else that tries to get away with it I will delete straight away so don't even bother.

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  13. you look so pretty kelly

  14. You made me feel so much better about myself! (: You're really pretty!

  15. this is just what i needed to read. i get so down about my buck tooth, crooked smile some time. your words were reassuring that i am beautiful the way i am. Thank You :)

  16. Your welcome and you are. Perfection is underrated and takes away the uniqueness. Clones are not what we came here to be, we were born with the body to be who we are, a great expression of authenticity. Blessings you to and lots of love x



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