Thursday, 21 April 2011

Abraham Hicks - Looking Beyond The Teachings - Going Inside

The Vortex aka Abraham Hicks

After following Abraham Hicks for around 4 years, and a more intensive following in my final year, I decided one day to stop watching Abraham Hicks, reading Abraham Hicks and talking about Abraham Hicks. 

Prior to this I was always referring to the teachings. 

If I was not up to what Abraham was recommending to do, or I would hear other abers speaking about what I needed to do to feel better, find relief, change my life and felt unable to do so, I began to feel quite a failure at these teachings.  And when this happened I realised the following:

  • I was looking to others i.e Abraham Hicks for answers and solutions to my individual experience of life.
  • I was believing Abraham over my inner self, my inner teacher and as such not questioning whether the teachings were right for my individual life path at this time.
  • I realised how determined I had been to get Abraham Hicks teachings out to others, almost preaching like an Abe evangelist, not acknowledging there were other routes to a happier life.
  • I realised it was time to get off the Abraham Hicks bandwagon and find my own way in life.

And so here I am.

While the essence of Abraham Hicks teachings resonates 'get happy'. The mode in which the teachings are coming across, for me, are overemphasising the 'happy where I am & EAGER FOR MORE'

It is quite easy to get caught up on the 'if your not happy where you are don't look at it, look at what makes you feel good and if that is what you want in the future, focus on that instead'.  It is very easy to skip the happy where you are and go straight to the future focusing and this is where I feel many people may be getting lost, feeling disappointed with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, the law of attraction and the movie 'The Secret'.

Some people are absolutely thriving on the teachings, but I feel everyone is different and what one person needs may differ to what other people need.  And this all depends on what life experiences they are choosing to allow into their lives.

Something began bothering me nearing the end of my decision making process, I just kept getting this strong feeling. All these techniques, all these exercises, were not helping me with allowing a natural life unfolding to occur.  Instead to me, it was these techniques, I was using, as a way to try and control my life, control how manifestations came about.  I imagine many people are using the 'effort' of these exercises for the same reason, even if they are not admitting to this.

After a longish period of a low vibe I had a month long period of winning prizes, £200 vouchers, tickets to theatre, food hampers, the list just went on...and this was not after a long period of high vibrational energy thinking or focusing.  I came to this inner realisation.

Life flows...

Life unfolds...

In perfect timing...

In the perfect way...

Whatever we do.

I do not believe exercises, effort, focusing brings about 'manifestation' any quicker than it would naturally unfold in ones life.  I do believe it makes the ride of life more enjoyable when we appreciate each moment, learn to love life and experiences, but it doesn't make the ride speed forward or bring what we think we want any quicker.

I don't believe what Abraham says about you not needing patience when you are in the vortex in the way the message is given out (or perhaps in the way it is received).  This message gave out the impression that if you are happy it will come quicker, whatever 'it' is.

What I felt was beneath that message was 'whatever is unfolding for you in life, will come, naturally, beautifully, in the perfect timing with all the pieces that come together for this to happen and when you feel good about what is, about your present moment (happy where I am) experiences, the 'NATURAL' unfolding of life is just sooo much sweeter.'

It would be great if Abraham could get clearer on this for those following the teachings.

I understand why the Abraham Hicks bandwagon plays up the whole 'happy where I am BUT - EAGER FOR MORE' teaching because the majority of people are not willing or wanting to allow, to be, to relax, to let the natural unfolding of life to occur, they want to have some sense that they are in control.  But creating ones reality, does not mean controlling ones reality through pasting happy stickers over feelings, through affirming positively, through spending periods of time focusing on future goals, to me creation is inside me, always.  And by my taking my journey inwards, life unfolds.

And often, life unfolds in unexpected ways.

Perhaps all the things we may think we want, and any frustation with that comes along with this, will bring more people back to this place - a desire to feel complete as we are, from within.

And this is where the teaching of Abraham Hicks can come in, that when the physical stuff arrives, it will not matter, because when we enjoy the gifts within, the wealth within, the outer gifts will simply represent the jewels we have had the pleasure of revealing inside.

This is my understanding of Abraham Hicks now.  I hope it helps others who may be feeling some of what I felt as I dropped the teachings and went within.

Note: Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about this post and my video on YouTube. I am glad my words have helped you not feel so alone and that are able to be their for family members who are now addicted.

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