Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thriving As An Outsider

Being an outsider is the most rewarding experience of my life.

For many years I have tried to fit into a mould.  During school years the mould of my peers, during college the mould of intellectuals, as my spiritual awakening happened - the mould of the spiritual elite.

AND for most of the time I was always trying to fit the mould of expectations from my biological family.

Always a sense of needing to belong to something.

Outsiders walk the road nobody will walk for fear of ridicule or judgement.
Outsiders stir up the world for change to take place.
Outsiders are content and thrive when they are alone.
ALONENESS is not a scary place for an outsider.
ALONENESS is a place of love, nurturing, understanding, wisdom and inspiration.

My journey of accepting myself as an outsider has begun.  I no longer need to say yes to people simply because society has conditioned me to do so, I no longer am obligated to family or friends.  My saying yes to me is the most rewarding thing I could give to this planet and consciousness as a whole.

Any struggle and pain of my past came because I tried to be a person I thought the world wanted me to be.

I am now choosing to be the person I want to be, for me.

Are you an outsider? 
What is your experience of 
being an outsider like?

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