Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Happy Quantum Leap

Well today is a day of celebration so enjoy it fully. From the Crimson Circle website:

The “quantum leap” in 2007 again was not a date fixed by historians. It was not a date that was predicted by prophets. It is a date that has been brought about by the consciousness of humanity. It means it is ready to go beyond the linear path. It is ready to… instead of energy following its own path based on the previous experiences, it will take incredible new directions. It is a potential. It is not necessarily going to be a reality for everybody.

On this date of September, 18th, 2007, it's not like everything is going to change at once. The power won't go out… most likely. The Earth won’t come to a standstill. Life will continue. But, what happens is a whole new set of potentials will be added to the set or the potential of experiences that humans can experience. You'll find that you have more freedom. You will have more empowerment. You will have more insight if you choose these. So, you can almost say that there'll be a whole new set of gifts waiting for you if you're able to recognize them and you want to bring them into your life. You won't have to follow a slow path of enlightenment or evolution. In a sense, from a personal standpoint your future will be wide-open. Your future will be wide-open because your past will have been healed. So, in a sense, you could say, it is totally up to you and what you want to experience. But, you will have so many more potentials after that

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