Sunday, 25 March 2007

EARTH - The Spirit of Steve Irwin

Last night I had an amazingly emotional dream and I can in all honesty say I am not sure whether I was dreaming about Steve Irwin or Steve's spirit visited me. I have not thought about Steve for a while so it was really interesting he popped up out of the blue.

I admired Steve incredibly when he was on this earth and still do, his passion, his excitement, his love for Mother Earth and Nature. I cannot help thinking he came to let me know about a question I had asked prior to sleeping.

At the moment I am reading a very good book called Initiation by Elizabeth Jenkins which is about her spiritual adventure in the Andes and her Shamanic inititations. Before sleep I was reading her experiences and thinking to myself how I want a much deeper connection with the earth mother so I said to my family in spirit "can you show me how?".

In my dream I first began where I feel I was feeling life through Steve's eyes primarily his feelings for his family. It was a strange dream as I was not sure if I was Steve or I was standing by Steve or whether Steve was sharing his love from the world of spirit or his memories of times when he was on this planet earth. All I know is the feelings I had for his family was of a deep love, so much so I nearly wept as I slept. My heart really opened.

I said to Steve that whenever I hear people talk about Australia I become emotional (Australia is where my spiritual journey consciously began when living there and travelling). He said to me something along the lines of as he touched his heart "the land is in here and wherever you go you take it with you and you can bring home here anytime."

I think I understand a bit of what he meant but I don't fully. What I do feel since waking this morning is I have not got a strong connection to the earth beneath my feet in the UK. I still feel a strong longing and almost an ache to take my shoes off the red earth again in Australia.

Perhaps through Australia connections I can reconnect with the heart of the land called Britain? its funny saying even the word Britain does not fit this land, neither does the United Kingdom or England. What do I call this land? perhaps she is Mother and that is all I need to call her anywhere?

I walked to work today and realised how much concrete on the ground prevents me feeling the Great Mother herself. I see creeping aspects of the earth through moss sneaking its way through cracks in the pavement and trees planted alongside the road with very little room to spread their roots.

I am ready to live in nature now. A home where I can take my shoes off in the summer and walk along the grass and hear the birds singing.

Living in the City has been necessary for this time and maybe my next home will be outside the City. A baby step into the earth mother, I so fondly want to lay my head in her lap and be embraced.


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