Thursday, 1 March 2007

DREAMING - Aboriginal Dreamtime

Aboriginal  didgeridoo

Okay, feeling a tad spacey today and I have been doing everything I can to feel grounded to this earth. Eating chocolate, stamping feet, dancing, drinking water, putting roots in earth and nothing! So just accepting it may be a side effect of the dreams I have been having and energy waves taking place right now.

Last night I dreamt me and Mike were in a garden on my land, sitting, and lots of work-men were doing work around the house. A car pulled into the garden and 2 aboriginal men got out and a Dutch or German man who was interpreting for the aboriginals. He said he had heard the music and wanted to listen to me, hear my beliefs, it was almost like he wanted to come and worship me he kept saying I was really special.

I shooed them away told them to go away. As they went back down the garden Mike told me why don't I? I said "what have I got to show them"? or something along those lines, he talked me into letting them come back and they took seats on the sofa (in the garden). I talked some, I don't know what about, something pretty basic I think and they were really fascinated about what I was saying.

For some reason I went back into the house and wrote on a piece of paper "Kelly Martin..................2007". I was going to write in the gap the name of the aboriginal place I was in but I could not remember the name yet also felt I was going to be moving on from there anyway.

As I came back to everyone, I passed by workmen and one man was on a ladder suspended in mid air, not resting on anything and he was painting, almost in the sky. His paintpot was on another ladder in mid air, again not resting against anything. His mates told him I was coming so he stopped for a moment so I could pass by him. I think I then gave the piece of paper to the aboriginals?

Last night I also dreamt I was back at my old high school, I have had a dream about going back to school many times in the past. It is always when its time for registration and in the past I would feel a bit panicked as I could not remember where my registration room/class was and spent a lot of time looking for it. This time though I was dressed casually almost as if I was a prefect, a sixth former and I had this brochure of school while I stood in tunnel of glass (this was a new part of the school created for the dream) and I read or heard that this time I could choose my lessons and whatever I chose would be the class or place I would register so all I had to do was choose my lessons and then follow the map to my registration class.

All in all a very symbolic dream sequence. I am not totally sure of the meaning but I thought I would record it here anyway.

(Note to self made April 2011 - I believe this blog 'Kelly Martin.......Speaks' was started in 2007 and regarding the school dream I was beginning to look into creating my own reality - hence choosing my own lessons).


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