Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Belly Dancing Is Healing

Oh God! belly dancing is bloody brilliant!

I feel a bit of prize plum at the moment being very new to it, but I do love gyrating my hips, and the music is just absolutely stunning.

I sent an email to my belly dancing teacher last night because I saw an article online on belly dancing for women who have had breast cancer and had a mastectomy and the benefits it has for these women. I can see why.

One person online had said she felt totally unfeminine and felt her fiancee would not find her attractive anymore as she thought her boobs were what made her womanly. He caught her doing some belly dancing and she turned around asking him how long he had been standing there, he had been there for 3 songs and he turned to her and said "you know something, your so beautiful" needless to say they are now married.

Here is a link for anyone who is interested and who has had a mastectomy and wants to regain their femininity through the dance it is very inspirational.



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