Sunday, 21 January 2007

2012 = 2007 SHIFT HAPPENS!

Most people know about the 2012 date when the MAYAN CALENDAR ends but not as many seem to realise that 2007 is the date the major shifts and changes are taking place.

Humanity has changed so much, more and more people are waking up to the bigger picture, taking responsibility for their choices, learning to consciously create their own realities and developing spiritually. For all of these reasons we have brought forward the original date to 2007. (PLEASE SEE END OF THIS BLOG FOR FURTHER INFO AND CHANGES ON THIS!)

 Huge manifesting on many levels will occur this year things you have always dreamed about may manifest. It is a year when watching ones thought's is very important.

Two worlds living alongside each other, the old duality based world which will appear to be chaotic and the new world based primarily on Oneness and being conscious creators.

Tobias of the Crimson Circle jokingly said in one of his channels on this years shift was that the Mayans had to end their calendar somewhere and I agree that date was predicted a long time ago and things change and more and more people are waking up!

If you have ever want to manifest or change an aspect of your life this year is the year to begin that. If it is fear you want to embrace 2007 is the year. If it is a move to another area, country, 2007 is the year, change of job? this year.

It is only January right now and already I see so many changes occurring in my life. Opportunities for real growth coming forward, opportunities I was not ready for in early 2006 and prior.

I don't even have to intend much at the moment I used to say "wouldn't it be nice if their was a parking space for us" or "wouldn't it be nice if our favourite seat at the coffee house was available" these are little manifestations but it seems I do not need to do this anymore it just automatically happens.

For example I went up to Newcastle for Christmas and the queue for checking in baggage was very long it took nearly 2 hours to get to the front. I got there in time for my plane. I was one of the first on the plane, my luggage came off first, a metro was there at the other side to get to my mothers, a taxi arrived, we went into town lots of seats in normally busy restaurant, 5 minutes after we sat down a huge queue formed.

Little things, but they can increase to bigger things.


Additional Information: It seems accoring to Kryon possibly I am experiencing 2007 as the shift because of my own internal changes. Here is a quote from that site:
There are those who have said, "The marker of 2012 has been advanced, and it is now going to be 2007." This is not so, because the clock is the clock. It is part of the solar system's behavior, and responds to a long-standing cosmic cycle. However, what that idea is about is that certain parts of humanity are ready for the 2012 energy next year! This is about how you react to the coming change, isn't it?

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